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3 Challenges of Disconnected Software

According to experts, many project managers are using a half-dozen different project management software applications over the course of the process. Besides the frustration and inconvenience that comes from having to frequently jump between programs, this disconnected software can damage your ability to deliver the project accurately, efficiently, and on-budget. Read below about the top three challenges of disconnected software.

 1. Data Loss

One of the big problems that project managers face during the planning process is data loss. Most managers have at least five or more applications they need to work with throughout the project. Each of these systems has a different way of representing and structuring the data. The more systems you have involved, the higher the risk of losing crucial data in the transfer process. Every system wants data in a different way. As data is shared, received, interpreted, reformatted and shared again, you lose confidence in the reliability of those numbers. 

2. Time Loss

Project managers may easily spend hours—if not days or weeks—running project risk analysis on multiple what-if situations for a typical project. Although running more scenarios would give them a better idea of next steps, they simply don't have the time to do it. Because it takes so much time to orchestrate these scenarios over multiple platforms, project managers do not have the luxury of running an unlimited number of scenarios. As a result, they lack a more complete picture of what they’re trying to accomplish.

3. Monetary loss

Unreliable data and an inability to fully test what-if scenarios will inevitably result in financial loss for your company. In 2014, 70% of capital projects were over-budget and 85% were behind schedule. Without timely transparency into project cost, schedule and resource information, you run increased risk of project cost overruns or delays.

The increasing complexity of projects and the programs used to manage them puts managers at risk of losing data, time, and money. Have you experienced any of these issues—or have you run into one that we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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