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Adopting a Hybrid Approach to Managing the Risk Register

The Quantitative Risk Data Question

Many people ask me about the benefits of using quantitative risk management approaches over their more.

23 November, 2022

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Trimming even the smallest amount of time off complex projects can lead to significant cost.

21 September, 2020

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New Insight: David Hulett Sensitivity Analysis Webinar

It’s crucial that project risks are identified and communicated effectively in order to minimize.

2 September, 2020

New Insight: How Prima Uno Tackled a Premier Project with Safran Risk

With a spike in demand for their cost and schedule risk analysis know-how, Prima Uno moved from.

27 August, 2020

How Customers Use Safran Software to Effectively Support Working from Home

Complex projects don’t just stop. Even in times of uncertainty, organizations can’t simply stop.

30 April, 2020

Announcing Our Newest Product: Safran Risk Manager (BETA)

Based on many years' experience in the planning and development of risk tools and applications,.

17 March, 2020

New Insight: An Introduction to Qualitative Risk Analysis

Qualitative risk analysis is still valuable for a top-level, holistic view of your project’s risk..

10 March, 2020

Looking Ahead to 2020 with Safran CEO Richard Wood

Whether you’re an existing customer of Safran Software, someone who’s thinking of becoming one, or.

27 January, 2020

What’s the Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis?

Effective risk analysis and management are fundamental to project success. Irrespective of the size.

9 December, 2019

Migrating from OPRA to Safran Risk: A User Guide

Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis (OPRA) has been a staple of the project controls community for over.

14 November, 2019

Join Safran at Project Controls Expo 2019

Without a doubt the largest event of its kind anywhere in the world, Project Controls Expo 2019 is.

28 October, 2019

How to Optimize Complex Manufacturing Schedules

It’s no exaggeration to say that manufacturing schedules are the foundation upon which successful.

10 October, 2019

The Earned Value Management Metrics: Planned Value (PV) vs Earned Value (EV) vs Actual Cost (AC)

The world of capital project management is filled with complexity. From an overabundance of.

21 May, 2019

5 Key Challenges for Aerospace Project Management in 2020 and Beyond

Aerospace is an industry long-famed for innovation. From  achievements like the SpaceX reusable.

9 April, 2019

What are the Biggest Risks in Project Scheduling?

The Sydney opera house is an incredible feat of architecture. Well ahead of its time when completed.

4 April, 2019

4 Reasons Why Risk Models are Crucial for Successful Project Management

All projects, no matter how meticulously planned, are exposed to the effects of risk. While you may.

28 March, 2019

New Download: The Journeymap to Project Risk Analysis

Our new e-book, written by David Hulett, a thought leader in the world of risk management, puts.

20 February, 2019

Top 5 Biggest Types of Risks for Mega-Projects

Infrastructure mega projects are often integral to the city, region or country in which they’re.

13 February, 2019

4 Key Causes of Scope Creep and How to Mitigate Them

When projects over-deliver, significant cost  and  schedule overrun are usually the two biggest.

1 November, 2018

Johan Sverdrup—the North Sea Giant—at Forum Safran 2018

Learn. Share. Discover | Forum Safran | Oct 30th–31st 2018 | Sola Strand Hotel 

We are excited to.

16 October, 2018

Aker BP Choose Safran Risk for Ongoing Project Risk Management Analysis

Aker BP has teamed up with Safran to improve its risk management analyses across all Oil and Gas.

18 September, 2018

Forum Safran 2018: Meet the Speakers

The annual Forum Safran user conference is fast-approaching. From October 30th, project controls.

9 August, 2018

Why Perform Schedule Risk Analysis?

Practised by thousands of individuals across the world, project scheduling is perhaps the most.

25 January, 2018