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Developing Project Risk Intelligence in your Company

When we talk about risk in our projects, one of the challenges has always been how do we get information out of the risk analyst's hands, out of their analysis and communicate those results up through the organization. How do we get vital project risk knowledge into the hands of executives where it can be used for better decision making?

One concept we've been working on here at Safran is that of Project Risk Intelligence. What does this mean exactly? All project intensive organizations have some sort of a dashboard where they are monitoring project performance, which usually has some level of insight into risk. Typically, it's a very high-level qualitative assessment of the risk factors associated with each project. The issue with this is obvious. Limited and subjective information on project risks makes it difficult to make fully informed decisions.

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Safran Risk provides information on risk factors that impact your projects that allows you to integrate your risk analysis with decision making to improve performance. Watch the videos below as I talk about developing Project Risk Intelligence for your company via Safran Risk.

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