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Does Your Planning Software Work With You or Against You?

Safran Project 7: A Project Management and Planning Software Solution

At Safran, we work closely with the industry to understand the everyday challenges of project management and planning software. The result: Safran Project 7, a comprehensive planning and project control software solution designed to add value at every stage of your project. Our latest release of Project 7 gives you the ability to help overcome some of the most basic project management hurdles.

Like we discussed in our last blog post, even the most carefully constructed plans can be ruined by a few uncertain activities. Safran Project includes Monte Carlo schedule risk analysis, which allows you to model duration uncertainty and understand the range of possible outcomes. Performing schedule risk analysis assesses uncertainty by taking into account the duration uncertainty of individual activities. This gives management visibility of critical factors such as the spread of end dates and the probability of achieving milestones.

Safran Project 7 also provides a critical bridge between Safran software and SAP enterprise software through Safran Integrator for SAP. The Safran Project 7 and SAP integration reduces risk of project cost overruns or delays by providing timely transparency into project cost, schedule and resource information. Safran Integrator enables our customers to rely on Safran as a single source for the solutions they need for project planning. No more juggling different systems and worrying about data loss. Instead, you get clear communication—which leads to improved capital and operational project selection, planning and risk management and reporting.

Safran Project 7 gives companies a fully integrated project planning & scheduling solution where data used or generated from other project management software can be directly imported, thus ensuring that data shared between systems retains its data integrity. With Safran Project 7 planning software you have the ability to import data from other software including Excel, Microsoft Project, Primavera and others. As a result, the entire organization—from project managers in the field to financial leaders in the boardroom—gain unprecedented visibility into past, present and expected project performance to ensure that schedules are met, budgets are maintained and resources are properly and economically allocated.

Safran Project 7 is an intuitive, easy-to-use solution to your most common project management hurdles. It provides helpful visibility into project status, resource spending, resource conflicts and demands within its project planning & scheduling software. Because of Safran Project’s enhanced flexibility, you now have the ability to more effectively plan your projects.

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