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Executive Risk Awareness bolstered by Safran

In our first blog post on the topic of Executive Risk Awareness, we highlighted how the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico was a case of risk run amok. Furthermore, the breakdown in the lines of communication for projects risks and problems resulted in a situation where lives were lost and a project in disaster. The ability to provide accurate data on project risks in real-time to decision makers is of critical importance in the economic climate today's projects must contend with.

Designed and developed by noted industry experts, Safran Risk delivers unmatched flexibility to help stakeholders align technology with established business, project, and risk management processes. Powerful features answer the industry’s need for more robust simulation, scenario planning and reporting capabilities in an intuitive user interface, and on a completely interoperable platform.

By removing common barriers to accurate analysis throughout the project life cycle, Safran Risk – Project Risk Management Software – helps to elevate the project team’s confidence in project performance at every stage. Further, interoperability with Safran Project, Oracle™ Primavera P6 and Microsoft™ Project streamlines disconnected risk management processes to identify and mitigate risks earlier.

All too often, risk managers are asked to mitigate risks for projects already in flight, using data not optimized for the risk process. Using Safran Risk, risk professionals collect the best data from a single source to improve data integrity and streamline disconnected processes:

  • Identify and manage project risk through an intuitive and step-by-step process, throughout the project life cycle.
  • Manage risk on the same platform as schedules, costs, discrete risks and risk factors.
  • Build powerful risk models quickly based on the desired level of complexity.
  • Extract easy-to-understand reporting in real time.

When looking to upgrade risk management and change management processes for better profitability, organizations can look to Safran Risk for a more unified and streamlined approach for risk professionals, a more accurate output for better project predictability, and real-time access to issues and models for faster resolution and fewer changes throughout the project life cycle.

Safran Risk provides companies with the tools to deliver information on project risks to decision makers like never before. To learn more about increasing Executive Risk Awareness via Safran Risk and our upgrade program, please click here.

And don't forget to check back next week as Wes Gillette, Director of Client Services, gets into the nuts and bolts of Sensitivity Analysis through Exclusion in a demo of Safran Risk.

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