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Introducing Safran Integrator for SAP

April 10, 2015 |   | 
1 minutes read
Safran Software Solutions

Safran Software Solutions

Safran is excited to announce a new product: Safran Integrator for SAP. It is an off-the-shelf integration between SAP and Safran Project that will provide additional unified project management capabilities for capex and opex planning, scheduling & risk management. We’re launching Integrator to align Safran Project with SAP software solutions so that data flows seamlessly between projects and headquarters in one unified system.

Through our partnership with SAP, we can help empower our customers to more strategically manage their projects. SAP and Safran have removed the technology barriers in the typical project environment to streamline the process of including capital and contractor work in one master schedule. This partnership gives stakeholders the ability to correctly forecast cost, schedule and resources to completion across their portfolio of projects. As a result, Safran Integrator enhances project stakeholders’ ability to analyze previously disparate data sources for more accurate shutdown, turnaround, outage and capital project planning—on a single integrated platform. Safran has always been committed to providing customers with a rich integration and streamlined user experience. Safran Integrator, delivering best-in-class project management solutions, is just the next step toward that goal.

Experience a live demonstration of how our integrated systems compliments your work current processes to ensure greater project confidence. Join us on April 30th for an interactive webinar showing the advantages of unifying your data within one system with Safran Integrator and SAP.