Looking Ahead to 2020 with Safran CEO Richard Wood

January 27, 2020 |   | 
2 minutes read
Richard Wood

Richard Wood

Whether you’re an existing customer of Safran Software, someone who’s thinking of becoming one, or are simply interested in what we do, let me start by saying: Happy New Year!

January is the perfect time for looking forward; thinking about our hopes, aspirations, and expectations for the year ahead. And that's why we've recorded this video, presented by Safran CEO Richard Wood.

2020 promises to be full of exciting developments and innovations for Safran, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Before getting on to that, however, I’d like to provide you with a quick overview of the year just gone.

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The Year in Review: 2019

2019 was marked by impressive growth throughout our organization.

Over the course of the past 12-months, we hit or surpassed nearly all our targets — some as early as May. We also expanded into new areas, secured our largest ever US contract for Safran Risk in the nuclear sector, and continued to establish our risk management platform as a world-leader in risk analytics.

One of 2019’s more exciting developments saw us launch what we like to call the ‘Learning Path’. Available for free on our website, the Learning Path is an invaluable tool for project controls professionals of all experience levels seeking expert advice on every aspect of project management.

Featuring a cutting-edge risk assessment tool, designed in collaboration with industry thought-leader Dr. David Hulett, the Learning Path is sure to be of value wherever you are on your journey towards project and risk maturity.

What Does 2020 Hold for Safran?

In Safran’s plans for 2020, the headline act is unquestionably the launch of our exciting new application: Safran Risk Manager.

An all-in-one tool built in direct response to numerous requests from our customers, Safran Risk Manager enables you to control day-to-day risks across your entire project portfolio. Enabling you to identify new threats and opportunities, Risk Manager helps you develop a better understanding of the impact of uncertainty on key cost and schedule objectives.

While Safran Risk Manager is a full stand-alone tool for managing all risk actions, it can also be used in conjunction with Safran Risk itself to provide a complete set of of risk management capabilities. Perfect for organizations that want to increase their risk maturity without having to deploy full quantitative risk analytics.

Beta testing for Safran Risk Manager begins shortly, so contact me direct if you’d like to help us put our new application through its paces. Otherwise, expect to see Safran Risk Manager sometime in March.

Alongside Safran Risk Manager, 2020 will see us rolling out various functionality upgrades to our existing products. These include:

  • Safran Project version 4.0 — launching Q2 2020
  • Probabilistic cash flow functionality for Safran Risk
  • Significant new extensions to Safran Planner
  • Our exciting new TAKT planning board
  • A brand-new reporting API
  • An updated viewer, allowing for easier project monitoring
  • A rewrite of our existing Safran Project manual, making it fully available and searchable online

Last but by no means least, we opened our new US office in January to provide better support for our customers in the US and Canada.

Say Hello

As with previous years, Safran will be attending various industry events throughout 2020 and beyond. We’ll be present at both AACE in Chicago and the Project Controls Expo.

Forum Safran 2020 will be slightly different from last year’s event. Several local Forums will be hosted throughout the year, enabling us to reach out to all our users, followed by the full Forum Safran in Stavanger during Q4.

Watch Safran’s full end-of-year message or get in touch with me directly for full details on everything we have planned for 2020.