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Our project management and schedule risk analysis experts share their knowledge.

Part 2: Why Upgrade from Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis to Safran Risk — User Interface

Hello, my name is Ian Nicholson, VP of Solutions at Emerald Associates.

Over the last two decades, I've worked extensively with Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis (OPRA) — or Pertmaster as it was known, before it was acquired by Primavera in 2006.

05th March 2020 Read more

Part 1: Why Upgrade from Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis to Safran Risk — Technology

Hello, my name is Ian Nicholson, VP of Solutions at Emerald Associates.

I’ve been working with Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis (OPRA) since 2001 — Emerald being the exclusive Canadian distributor for Pertmaster (as it was then known) until its acquisition by Primavera in 2006. 

03rd March 2020 Read more

How to Develop Project Risk Maturity

Risk Managers can find themselves assuming their ability to tackle risk is as good as it can be. But this is rarely the case.

27th February 2020 Read more

How to Effectively Manage Risk

No project is without risk and learning how to manage it is vital to a project’s success. Effectively managing your project’s risk allows you to identify the potential impacts, both long and short term, while helping to futureproof and please shareholders. Most importantly, it means you remain in control.

20th February 2020 Read more

Why You Need BowTie Risk Analysis

To continue operating in an ever-more competitive and unpredictable business world, organizations need to get comfortable dealing with all facets of risk analysis. 

With so many diverse objectives, you'll put yourself at a real disadvantage if you haven’t identified how certain risks can affect your project. BowTie risk analysis is a great way to help you combat this by highlighting the contributing factors that can trigger an unexpected event.

06th February 2020 Read more

Looking Ahead to 2020 with Safran CEO Richard Wood

Whether you’re an existing customer of Safran Software, someone who’s thinking of becoming one, or are simply interested in what we do, let me start by saying: Happy New Year!

27th January 2020 Read more

Managing Cost Contingency with Confidence

One of the key roles a Project Risk Manager plays is helping the team determine how much exposure the project has from the ‘known risks'. This helps them to calculate the amount of cost contingency the project should be retaining. 

16th January 2020 Read more

Why Threats and Opportunities are Similar but not Opposite

Opportunities and threats are often difficult to separate. What poses as an opportunity may become a threat if not correctly handled.

07th January 2020 Read more

What’s the Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis?

Effective risk analysis and management is fundamental to project success. Irrespective of the size or scale of your project, delivering it on time and within budget (not to mention preserving stakeholder confidence) is nigh on impossible if you haven’t taken the time to identify, analyze, categorize, prioritize, and gauge the impact of external risks before work commences.

09th December 2019 Read more

Do You Control Your Risks, or Do Your Risks Control You?

There's nothing better than the feeling of being in control. Whether it's driving a fast car, being in control of your finances, or taking control of your work-life balance, being the master of your own destiny is a feeling like no other.

04th December 2019 Read more

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