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Safran and SAP Provide Unified Project Planning Solutions

April 27, 2015 |   | 
1 minutes read
Safran Software Solutions

Safran Software Solutions

Irrespective of the market conditions, project and asset intensive organizations are challenged to select the right portfolio of projects and execute the project flawlessly.  Easier said than done especially with the array of project planning solutions that could confuse your focus on streamlining processes and systems.

Safran, a leading provider of project planning, scheduling and risk management solutions, makes it a priority to provide software solutions that integrate seamlessly with the planning process. That’s why we partnered with SAP—to provide our customers with more power control over project outcomes.

SAP one of the world’s largest independent software supplier extends its project planning, scheduling and risk management capabilities with Safran Software. Our Safran Integrator for SAP harmonizes data between our solutions to ensure a single version of the truth  which, in turn, directly affects project performance and corporate margins.

Through the Safran partnership with SAP, we empower our customers to more strategically manage their projects. Thanks to Safran Integrator you can leverage the capabilities of both Safran and SAP solutions so that project challenges can be identified and resolved faster.