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Safran Project Planning Software 5 Release

11th Nov 13

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Safran Project Planning Software version 5

STAVANGER, 31st of October, 2013

We are pleased to announce the release and general availability of Safran Project version 5.

Safran Project version 5 is a major software release containing new features, enhancements and corrections.

The Safran Project 5 upgrade is free of charge for customers under current Upgrade Subscription Program – USP.

As part of the release Safran Software Solution will also offer upgrade training courses. The date for the first courses will be announced shortly.

To list a few of the new features and enhancements:

  • New icon style to give the application a more up-to-date look
  • New Change Report
  • New Bubble Chart Report for Program and Portfolio Reporting
  • Bull’s eye report supporting program and Portfolio reporting
  • New Progress status Report – Hanging gardens
  • New Schedule Performance Report
  • Update to the Report Package that allows you to run only a few of the reports in the package
  • A Progress Status Tool – similar to the Progress status report but with update capabilities.
  • Enhancements to the Barchart Editor including:
    • Two new tabs in the Activity Information Pane: Outline Codes and Computed Fields
    • Filter on the new Predecessor/successor window in the Link Information pane
    • Resources now show description in addition to resource code in the Resources pane and Vo type is added as information to the resource record in this pane
    • A zoom function that allows you to zoom the entire Barchart Editor
    • Several new selectable columns have been added to the columns area
    • Two new start and finish symbols
    • New text formatters for symbols, date format, thousand separator and no of decimals
    • Symbol sets can inherit symbols from other symbol sets
    • You can use symbols from another symbol set in your layout
    • Drag and drop linking from one activity to many and from many activities to one.
  • A few enhancements to the Editor Histogram including fill of curves and profiles, and the ability to exclude non used group values from the stack group
  • Quick selection filters for layouts, reports, filters now support selection on name and owner with combination of and/or statements
  • As a cost option you can add Schedule Risk Analysis as a new functional area to your Safran Project license. The Schedule Risk analysis features are fully integrated with the Barchart Editor.
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