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Safran Published in the 65th Edition of the Zillion Business Magazine For International Enterprises

July 01, 2015 |   | 
2 minutes read
Safran Software Solutions

Safran Software Solutions

Recently Safran Software Solutions was selected to be published in the 65th Edition of the Zillion Business Magazine For International Enterprises. Safran is proud to be selected as a representative in this publication and we hope that you find the article to be valuable for future projects. If you would like more information on Safran Integrator For SAP, please click here.

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Safran ProjectTM obtains SAP HANA certification

The SAP Integration and Certification Center, following a series of tests, has granted its certification as “Powered by SAP HANA” to Safran ProjectTM, a leading project management platform developed by Safran Software Solutions. Dean Edmundson, CEO Americas, Safran Software Solutions, explains that companies that use both Safran ProjectTM and SAP can streamline and reconcile project and corporate data significantly faster through the unified data and project management solution.

Delivering large projects within budget and on-time is the primary objective for organizations managing a portfolio of projects. “Through our partnership with SAP and our solution now powered by SAP HANA, we will help empower customers to more strategically manage projects. With real-time project performance monitoring, and data alignment between project and corporate shareholders, project challenges can be identified and resolved faster, which can directly affect project performance and corporate margins.” Mr. Edmundson states.

By providing a unified platform of project planning, scheduling, earned value management (EVM) and risk management software, Safran Software Solutions enables careful monitoring of the three most important aspects of project management, schedule, cost and risk. Edmundson explains that these three aspects are usually managed by disparate systems which creates complicated data integration processes before analysis can take place.The Safran platform helps organizations to streamline these processes during the development and management of the project. Since the risk management process has been established at project inception, data sets are more complete and project outcomes more predictable.

“Safran clients benefit from starting their risk analysis very early in the project lifecycle,” Mr. Edmundson explains. “All of these industries are only as good as their last project, and we help them meet their time and money requirements by making their projects more predictable.”

As an innovation, Safran included risk- management capabilities through a Monte Carlo “quick risk” option in Safran Project that delivers insight into scheduled risks. “It was a leap in the industry because no other company includes this in just one product. This type of insight allows a much higher degree of predictability in a project,” Mr. Edmundson states. The company continues to develop and enhance Safran Project and is announcing availability of a new product, Safran Risk, which acts as a unified extension of the Safran Project product, built on its scheduling engine. Safran Risk will be available April 2, 2015. “With the forthcoming integration to the SAP platform, customers that are looking to unify project data, project management tools and business management tools have an option that they never had before. From a technology perspective, we want those customers to have a better experience, and the ability to make better and more informed decisions,” Mr.Edmundson ends.