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Safran Risk Draws New Major Users in Energy Sectors

20th Jun 16

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STAVANGER, Norway—June 20, 2016—Safran Software Solutions, a premier provider of Enterprise Project and Risk Analysis software, released Safran Risk 7 earlier this year for clients worldwide. Designed for project stakeholders and risk professionals, Safran Risk provides analysis of both project schedule and cost data in an intuitive process-led manner, helping organizations identify and mitigate project risks earlier.

More recently, Safran Risk has been selected by major players in the oil & gas and energy sectors. These world leaders have chosen to use Safran Risk to identify project risk earlier and more effectively, thus substantially increasing their probability of executing on-time and on-budget.

New features in Safran Risk 7, such as Focus Activities and Focus Percentiles, make it easier to ignore much of the noise that is often generated during a risk analysis and concentrate on giving you the information you want, when you want it.

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Other new features in V7 help make risk analysis a more transparent process by not only providing the ability to validate the risk model with Step-Through capabilities, but also the unique ability to review the results of each and every simulation in a clear graphical report. You can even see exactly how the schedule looked for every simulation after the analysis has completed, and export all the results to create your own reports!

Additionally, Safran Risk provides innovative risk calendar capabilities, giving users the ability to import real-world time series data to accurately model weather patterns, as well as support for risk analysis by the minute, relevant to projects in the transportation sector among others.

Safran Risk gives risk professionals the ability to model a variety of different risk scenarios providing an informative view of their impact in terms of both time and cost without affecting the underlying project data.

Following the release of Safran Risk, Safran is hosting a live webinar demonstration of the software on June 30, 2016. For more information on Safran Risk, visit www.safran.com/risk.


About Safran Software Solutions

Safran Software Solutions, headquartered in Stavanger with offices in Houston, London and Oslo, is a leading provider of EPPM and Project Risk management software solutions to project and asset-intensive industries. Safran is recognized globally for streamlining the EPPM process while elevating project delivery confidence through its integrated project reporting, risk and change management capabilities. Safran prides itself on speed of product adoption and customer satisfaction, which ensure the greatest value for its customers.   Safran is laser-focused on enabling the success of project control teams. To learn more about project success achieved by Safran clients like Statoil, Aker Solutions and Navantia, visit www.safran.com.

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