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Safran Software Solutions® Announces SAP Integration to Streamline Project Planning

April 10, 2015 |   | 
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Safran Software Solutions

Safran Software Solutions

STAVANGER, NORWAY - April 10, 2015—Safran Software Solutions, a premier provider of Enterprise Project and Risk Analysis software, today announced Safran Integrator for SAP, a product designed to provide seamless information flow between Safran Project software and SAP software. The integration allows for seamless data flow between SAP and Safran Project to improve capital and operational project selection, planning and risk management and reporting. The development of Safran Integrator is through an alliance with Vesta Partners, LLC.

"Companies that don't fully integrate their Project Software with SAP systems often make important decisions based on only half of the information available," said Martin Stenzig, President of Vesta North America. "Our intimate familiarity with SAP systems, their integration to Project Management software, and being a co-innovation partner for Safran Integrator for SAP enables Vesta to help companies successfully and quickly navigate what for others is often a daunting task -- the full integration of global Capex and Opex business processes into fit-for-purpose applications (Safran and SAP). With Safran Integrator for SAP, customers can maximize the use of SAP while also leveraging the best in class planning, scheduling and risk management capabilities provided in Safran Project."

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Safran Integrator for SAP provides a critical bridge between Safran Project and SAP giving companies a fully integrated project planning solution that ensures data shared between systems retains its integrity. As a result, the entire organization -- from project managers in the field to financial leaders in the boardroom -- gains unprecedented visibility into past, present and expected project performance to ensure that schedules are met, budgets are maintained and resources are properly and economically allocated.

"Safran Integrator for SAP enables our customers to rely on Safran as a single source for the solutions they need to integrate their Safran and SAP systems," said Lars Petter Eliassen, CEO Safran. "Through our strong alliance with SAP, our customers can quickly and effectively integrate their Safran and SAP systems on a global scale. We are committed to extending our customer's investments to ensure that they have the best end-to-end applications to run their business and manage their projects. We are pleased with the interest our customers are showing for our integrated solution."

The Safran Project and SAP integration reduces risk of project cost overruns or delays by providing timely transparency into project cost, schedule and resource information. The solution results in project collaboration between all disciplines across sites, resulting in efficient utilization of resources, maximized uptime and profitability.

Safran will host an SAP Integrator for SAP webinar on April 30, 2015. The webinar will discuss how the integration between Safran and SAP software will benefit organizations through maintaining information integrity, leading to project success.

Leading up to the webinar, Safran will be presenting the new Safran Integrator for SAP at the SAP conference in Berlin on April 14-16, 2015.

To learn more about Safran Integrator for SAP or to register for the webinar, please visit www.safran.com/events.

About Safran Software Solutions, Inc.

Safran Software Solutions, headquartered in Stavanger, Norway and with offices in Houston, Texas, London and Oslo, is a leading provider of Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and project risk management software solutions to project- and asset-intensive industries. Safran is recognized globally for streamlining the EPPM process while elevating project delivery confidence through its unified project scheduling, reporting, risk and change management capabilities. Safran prides itself on speed of product adoption and customer satisfaction, which helps ensure outstanding value for its customers. Safran is focused on enabling the success of project control teams. To learn more about project success achieved by Safran clients like Talisman, MHWirth, Aibel, Fabricom, Statoil and Aker Solutions, visit www.safran.com.

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