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Shutdown and Turnaround Success Comes From Safran Project 7

In our previous post we outlined several of the difficulties associated with managing shutdowns, turnarounds and outages (STOs). If this type of project is not properly planned and controlled, a company is at risk of serious budget overruns and schedule delays. Safran Project 7 is designed to assist organizations with streamlining STO planning and execution—fully integrated with SAP to form a comprehensive solution.

Comprehensive Solution for Managing Complexity and Scope
STO’s are some of the most complex projects. With strict time constraints, it is critical that the assets are returned to service on time and at peak productivity. Poorly executed STOs and the subsequent delays can cost an organization millions of dollars per day in project costs and lost revenue.

Safran Project 7 boasts powerful project planning and execution capabilities, and has been proven by leading operators and contractors. Featuring an intuitive user interface, embedded Monte Carlo risk analysis and certified integration with SAP to streamline business processes across the project team.

Users have visibility into project status, resource spending, resource conflicts and demands within the same unified application. With its enhanced flexibility, users have the ability to handle complex constraints and scope variations, through building user-definable layouts for role based management and reporting.

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Keep Up with Progress and Risk
During execution, frequent and accurate status reporting is required so that project managers can make informed decisions. Timely and accurate reporting can transform the project from being reactive to a more efficient proactive basis.

Safran Project 7 includes optimized STO reporting out-of-the-box, including progress summary reports, histogram S-curves and bar charts that can be configured for the needs of various stakeholders, and produced automatically.

In an effort to mitigate risks and project overruns, Safran Project 7 includes built-in Monte Carlo risk analysis capabilities not found within other planning and scheduling software. The risk analysis is produced by the Monte Carlo method within the schedule itself, allowing users to take advantage of this powerful capability without learning and managing multiple software applications.

This results in an improved understanding of the potential impact of schedule uncertainties for all stakeholders, including greater confidence for management .

Take Control with Safran Project 7
Managing the complexity and high pace of STOs requires a comprehensive project planning software with the advanced capabilities of Safran Project 7. Organizations operate with many parallel demands on their resources, making it important to have a master project plan that aggregates across various work requests. In addition, having insight into potential risks is necessary for managers to make well-informed decisions throughout the project schedule. Safran Project 7 is the solution for project teams who desire increased confidence in their decisions and progress while managing STO’s.

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