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Safran Risk Streamlines Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis

Project teams constantly face a significant challenge when it comes to cost and schedule. Many times, these teams are trying to run cost models and schedule risk analysis separately. Additionally, they are using even more individual tools to calculate budget and cost. However, when run independently, these programs simply aren’t able to give you a full picture of the impact it will have on your project. You’re left with an incomplete view of the situation – which often leads to being behind schedule and over budget. 

Our experts estimate that many project managers are working in 5+ applications at a time. With the new Safran Risk, you have those components built right it. There’s no import/export with Safran. There’s no difficulty with system conversion. No more worrying about how the data is structured and whether all your separate programs are interpreting it correctly. Now, all your data can be contained within our single, cohesive software solution.

As we all know, schedule is one of the biggest factors in driving cost. Customers forget that, when you’re looking at the project, schedule and cost are tightly linked. By having that cost component in your schedule, and then being able to use that same schedule for your risk analysis, it streamlines your process. You’re only using one tool. Safran Risk. You’re able to do scenarios and what-ifs much quicker. By having these integrated, you prevent all of that unnecessary back and forth and – as a result – give yourself more time to explore different options. At the end of the process, you can run the analysis and scenarios and it’s much more simple to do the ROI calculations because schedule, cost, and risk are all contained in one application.

From a process perspective, combining these systems is more than just convenient. It actually saves you significant time that can be used to perfect your project plan. Based on the average project, we estimate that you will easily save hours if not days or weeks over the course of the life cycle of a typical process by streamlining your cost and schedule risk analysis.

Through its streamlined approach, Safran Risk gives you the ability to run more scenarios in the same amount of time. More what-ifs ultimately mean a more complete picture of what you’re trying to accomplish. From the standpoint of time and money, integrated cost and schedule is better than doing them separately. There are fewer tools, less data issues, more time, and more scenarios. As a result, Safran Risk delivers a project plan that yields the best ROI.

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