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Integrating Safran and Synchro - The Project Management Partnership

March 01, 2017 |   | 
Lars Petter Eliassen

Lars Petter Eliassen

Together, Synchro and Safran give you the opportunity to run visual simulations to build a stronger and more robust project schedule before construction starts.

Success = Dealing with Issues Early

successful project is one in which potential issues are identified and resolved early. Dealing with issues later, especially during construction, dramatically increases cost and complexity. Bringing teams together in a visual environment, to understand and review the project plan and risks, and spot potential issues early is key to success.

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A Powerful Partnership

By integrating Synchro and Safran you can feel confident of a smart and robust project schedule before you move into the execution phase. Combining Synchro’s 4D visualisation capabilities with Safran’s advanced planning and schedule risk analysis allows you to identify potential conflicts and optimise the project schedule and construction plan. This will be realised by Synchro supporting direct API integration with Safran Project for seamless integration of the project plan and the visual model.


Visit Us at The Upcoming Synchro User Conference

In March 2017, Synchro will host an international user conference in Oslo, showcasing 4D and VDC technology with international tech giants such as HP, bluebeam and bimsync.

Safran will sponsor the conference, hosting an information desk, so come along to learn more about the benefits of integration, and about Safran software. 

To register for the Synchro 4D and VDC Conference, click here.

To learn more about Safran, and how our software can help with project management, follow the link below: