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Safran Blog

Our project management and schedule risk analysis experts share their knowledge.

Who Stole My Float? Distributing Slack with Safran Project

Float or slack, when present, is an important asset to any project. It provides flexibility in the project schedule and as an important asset should be managed carefully. But how can project managers go about more evenly sharing a project's float?

23rd June 2017 Read more

Webinar: Democratising Risk Analysis and Improving Project Planning

On the 27th of June, 2017, Safran hosted a live and interactive webinar, featuring guest speaker Jan B Johnsen, Commercial Manager and Process Owner for Project Planning at Aibel, that focused on risk analysis and how to improve project planning. 

Risk assessment is a significant element of capital project planning. If schedule risk analysis is made available to the broader planning community, the quality of the project schedule can drastically improve and project planners will also gain a better understanding of duration uncertainties.

07th June 2017 Read more

Announcing Safran Risk 7.1.5

We are excited to announce the latest release of Safran Risk, v7.1.5, here’s an idea of just some of the new capabilities in this release.

17th May 2017 Read more

Webinar: The New Standard in Schedule Risk Analysis Safran Risk 7.1

Introduction to Safran Risk, the leading solution for integrated schedule and cost risk analysis.

The new standard in schedule risk analysis has arrived in the form of Safran 7.1. With its intuitive process-led user-interface and improved planning quality, your organisation can now successfully deploy quantitative project risk analysis across your projects. To help you make your project risk analysis a more transparent process, watch our ‘Introduction to Safran Risk Webinar’ now, or read the transcript below. 

03rd January 2017 Read more

Schedule Risk Analysis: Focus On What Really Matters

Whilst schedule risk analysis is an essential and highly valuable exercise for many projects, it can also be an involved and time consuming process. It can take organizations weeks and often months of interviewing and workshops to reach the stage where they have gathered enough pertinent information on both the schedule and inherent risks to that schedule, to build a truly representative risk model.

10th May 2016 Read more

Leveraging the Benefits of EPRM Software Solution, Safran Project 7

For decades, project professionals have seen the countless statistics about project overruns and delays.  However, by leveraging the benefits of enterprise project and risk management solutions, organizations are able to improve project confidence and ensure timely delivery. Watch the short video clip below to see how Safran Project can plan, schedule and ensure on-time delivery of projects, mitigating risks and uncertainty in the process.

23rd February 2016 Read more

Safran Software Solutions® Announces Release of Safran Risk 1.5

Release Followed by Webinar Demonstrating Safran Risk 1.5

HOUSTONDec. 1, 2015Safran Software Solutions, a premier provider of Enterprise Project and Risk Analysis software, has released Safran Risk v. 1.5 for clients worldwide.  Designed for project stakeholders and risk professionals, Safran Risk provides analysis of both project schedule and cost data in an intuitive process-led manner, helping organizations identify and mitigate project risks earlier.

02nd December 2015 Read more

Demonstration of Integrated Risk Modeling Within Safran Risk

Safran Risk has chosen a fundamentally different approach to measuring uncertainty and has created a program with the capability to capture multiple levels of uncertainty and risk for individual projects and gain key insight into the impact of each individual factor. This gives project managers confidence in their assessment of projects with various risk factors and enables them to present accurate estimates of a projected project. Watch the video below to see examples of a real life project with various uncertainties using the risk register in Safran Risk.

19th November 2015 Read more

Integrated Risk Modeling With Safran Risk

Schedule Risk Analysis has developed over many years into a mature discipline with its own set of tools and techniques. However, projects still fail to meet their objectives despite the principle that schedule risk analysis should contribute to success. Adequately modeling risk and uncertainty is a task project teams face every day, often without the right processes to measure both with confidence.

13th November 2015 Read more

Expert Point of View - Integrated Risk Modeling

In project intensive organizations, such as EMAS, work is fluid and dynamic – introducing a need for higher emphasis on readiness no matter the situation. Jamie Marzonie, a Senior Risk Specialist at EMAS AMC, discusses the importance of managing schedules and quantities of risk, and how Safran’s Integrated Risk Modeling can ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

03rd November 2015 Read more

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