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Project Portfolio and Risk Management Blog

Effective Risk and Contingency Management

Risk and contingency management is one piece of the puzzle when managing a complex project. One of.

14 October, 2015

How Safran Risk Tackles Risk & Contingency Management

In our previous blog post, we addressed the vital need for risk and contingency planning. In the.

8 October, 2015

Expert Point of View - Contingency Modeling

The idea of contingency and risk modeling applies to a wide variety of large scale projects. One.

2 October, 2015

Developing Project Risk Intelligence in your Company

When we talk about risk in our projects, one of the challenges has always been how do we get.

10 September, 2015

Executive Risk Awareness bolstered by Safran

In our first blog post on the topic of Executive Risk Awareness, we highlighted how the 2010 BP.

3 September, 2015

Where Does Executive Risk Awareness Rank in Your Company's Priorities?

In our blog post last week we discussed the topic of executive risk awareness and the difference it.

26 August, 2015

Executive Risk Awareness—Critical for Project Success

Following the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, a U.S..

20 August, 2015

Top 5 Guidelines for Project Risk Management

The benefits of project risk management are huge. Effective quantitative risk management is an.

12 August, 2015

Current Trends Within Project Risk Management: Infographic

Earlier this month we published a post about the current trends within the project risk management.

24 July, 2015

Beat the Statistics—The Reality of Risk Management

According to a recent study on project risk management trends, only 30% of projects are being.

8 July, 2015


Whether you're tackling a complex capital project, managing a turnaround, or planning operational maintenance, Safran's integrated project management tools will make life easier.