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Webinar - Building Ships: Managing Complex Manufacturing Alongside SAP

08th Oct 18

Posted by Richard Wood

Topics: Webinar Safran Project

Our next webinar on the 23rd of October examines how Navantiaone of Europe's leading defence manufacturers and contractors, gained a greater level of project control with their SAP solution. Hosted by the UK SAP User Group, this is not one to be missed.

Based in Spain, Navantia specializes in ship and submarine construction. Its manufacturing operations include:
  • Design and execution of very complex production schedules
  • Dealing with resource scarcity
  • Working within tight budgets and time constraints

Management of both cost and schedule risk, a tight oversight of all production planning, and flexible reporting for owners and customers is critical to the success of its projects.

A Long-time dedicated user of enterprise resource planning software, SAP, Navantia is now seeing it fit to supplement this solution with an integrated project scheduling and control system – Safran Project.

On October 23rd at 15:00 CET, join Safran CEO Richard Wood and Navantia Project Structure Specialist & Scheduling Coordinator Rogelio Alonso for a free webinar discussing how Navantia integrated Safran Project with SAP to gain an additional level of control over their projects.

What Will be Discussed:

  • The reasons Navantia sought a deeper level of project control
  • How this greater level of control was achieved
  • The benefits of integrating Safran software with SAP  
This webinar will be of high interest to any companies committed to using SAP but looking for additional support with resource intensive operational planning and the delivery of complex projects. We look forward to you joining us.

Click here to watch the webinar

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