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Webinar – The Benefits of Seamlessly Combining Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis

January 11, 2018 |   | 
1 minutes read
Richard Wood

Richard Wood

Cost and schedule risk analysis assesses the likely effect of uncertainty, as well as individual risks on overall project costs and time-to-completion. Essential to accurate project control and forecasting, it can also reveal how much contingency is needed to stay within budget and meet deadlines.

A key new feature of the recently released Safran Risk 7.2 is the capacity to run integrated cost and schedule analysis within the same application. A full range of integrated cost/schedule risk operations are now possible – from maintaining a straightforward list of risks in a spreadsheet to executing an extensive quantitative risk analysis.

Gain a better understanding of the benefits of combining cost and schedule risk  analysis and improve your project control and forecasting - watch the webinar  on-demand.

What We Will cover

Many risk professionals carry out cost and schedule risk analysis separately – but a fully integrated approach to cost and schedule analysis, while difficult to achieve, is extremely powerful. During the webinar, we'll discuss these difficulties and demonstrate how the latest version of Safran Risk enables you to overcome them.

Our full agenda runs as follows:

  • The benefits of integrating cost risk and schedule analysis
  • Why are these benefits so hard to achieve?
  • Why is cost risk analysis typically performed separately to schedule risk analysis?
  • A functional demo of Safran Risk 7.2
  • A live Q&A


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