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Seamlessly Integrating Owner and Contractors’ Project Schedules

presented by Kåre Johan Haarr (Statsbygg) and Øyvind Valaker (Safran)


Above: Campus Ås  Project Site

During this webinar, Kåre Johan Haarr from Statsbygg joins Øyvind Valaker from the Safran team to talk about the Campus Ås Veterinary Institute Project. This project took integrated planning to the next level by seamlessly integrating owner and contractors' schedules. The webinar is followed by a functional demo on how Safran Project supports the integrated project schedules and solves common project management problems.

Lars Petter Eliassen

Host - Lars Petter Eliassen

Lars Petter has been Safran's CEO since 2014 and has used his international expertise to enable Safran's growth into new markets and industry verticals.

Oyvind Valaker

Presenter - Øyvind Valaker

Øyvind has been a System Specialist at Safran for over 9 years.

Kåre Johan Haarr

Guest Presenter - Kåre Johan Haarr

Kåre Johan Haarr has been assistant project manager for Statsbygg for nearly two years.

The webinar covers the following Project Controls topics:

  • Overview of the Campus Ås Veterinary Institute Project
  • Brief on integrated planning
  • How Statsbygg developed and operated an Integrated Project Plan
  • Safran Cloud's benefits on this project
  • Functional demo of Safran Project
  • Live Q&A

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