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Safran Risk Report Brochure


Safran Risk: The Very Best in Risk Reporting


Safran Risk report examples that help make project risk analysis a more transparent process for all.

Download our brochure to see how Safran Risk increases visibility and efficiency across your reporting.

Through comprehensive report examples, the brochure illustrates how Safran Risk transforms and elevates your risk communication. 


Examples include:

  • Time-phased, schedule and cost risk analysis
  • Simple, powerful risk mappings with real-time analyzer
  • Standard distribution graphs for schedule and cost
  • Tornados showing risks and activities driving project or milestone finish dates
  • Tornados showing all project or milestone cost drivers
  • Schedule sensitivity analysis showing risk driver impact in days
  • Cost sensitvity analysis showing risk driver impact in real monetary terms
  • Trending over time reports tracking progress over multiple review stages
  • Scatter plot showing the combined schedule and cost confidence level
  • Risk calendars generated from real world time-series data

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