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Why Conduct Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis

Why Conduct Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis?

With David T. Hulett, PhD FAACE
Author of Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis

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This guide discusses how conducting in-depth analysis can mitigate cost and schedule overruns, with demonstrations of the benefits in practice. 

Download the guide to answer the following questions:

  • What is Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis?
  • Why is Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis Needed?
  • Why do so Many Projects Overrun Their Cost Estimates?
  • How are Project Uncertainty and Risk Defined?
  • How Does It Work?


The guide then concludes with a summary and breakdown of the benefits with practical examples.

It was created in collaboration ‭with integrated cost-schedule risk analysis expert Dr. David Hulett, who has emerged as a leader in its ‭methods, concepts and training. 

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