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Webinar - Improve progress updating with Safran Web Access-min

Webinar: Improve Progress Updating with Safran Web Access

A webinar for Safran Project Users with Jan Ole Nes (Aibel) and Richard Wood (Safran)

During this webinar, Jan Ole Nes from Aibel joins Richard Wood from Safran to talk about how their progress updating was improved with the use of Safran Web Access and utilised to help capture and update progress to project schedules at Aibel. The webinar includes a functional demo showing what is possible with Safran Web Access implementation.

The webinar covers the following Project Scheduling topics:

  • Introduction to Safran and Aibel
  • Overview of Safran Web Access
  • How Safran Web Access adds value to Safran Project users
  • How Aibel implemented and utilised Safran Web Access
  • A functional demo of Safran Web Access
  • Update for Safran Project users on exciting upcoming developments
  • Live Q&A

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