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The Unified Project Management Solution

Whether you're tackling a complex capital project, managing a turnaround, or planning operational maintenance, Safran's integrated project management tools will make life easier.

Why Conduct Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis?

This guide discusses how conducting in-depth analysis can mitigate cost and schedule overruns, with demonstrations of the benefits in practice

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Our Products

Capital projects, shut-down and turnarounds, maintenance – whatever the project, there’s a Safran product to help.

Safran Project


Comprehensive project management, planning and control, with integrated embedded schedule risk analysis.

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Safran Risk


Powerful and intuitive schedule and cost risk analysis for complex projects on a single platform.

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SAFRAN Risk Manager

Collaborative project control tools for Risk Managers and their teams to gain and share actionable insights.

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"The team seemed genuinely proud of their product and there was no scripted sales pitch; they were content to allow the software to speak for them. Their pride was not misplaced; after downloading a trial version, I was first amazed at how fast the analysis was. Then, when I inevitably ran into issues understanding the product and integrating my data, I was immediately routed to an expert and we solved most of my problems that day.

Safran Risk is a great product with an even better support team. After a few days with the software, I knew that it was miles beyond its competition when it comes to fully integrated cost-schedule analysis. After about a week, I got to experience the technical support team and decided that this would be my final decision. I initiated the procurement process through my company not long after, and I look forward to fully transitioning my team to using Safran Risk over the next few months."

Risk specialist from a major American energy company

"I use Safran Risk on complex megaprojects, and have found that it is the most capable quantitative schedule risk assessment software on the market. Safran Risk is a very powerful risk analysis tool, including features that advanced users will appreciate, while still being easy to pick up and use. It has a user friendly interface that minimizes the amount of time it takes to develop a schedule risk model. Risk mapping and correlation are easily modeled to schedule activities. Risk analysis tools include sensitivity by exclusion analysis, scatter plot, and critical path maps. All this results in less time it takes to model and analyze a quantitative risk assessment compared to other risk software."

Eric Ho, Director of Risk Management VMS (Value Management Strategies)

"Safran Risk is the best-in-class software for performing integrated cost and schedule risk analysis. The user interface is laid-out intuitively and has several unique features that, relative to alternative solutions on the market, help reduce the amount of time is takes to develop quantitative risk models. Additionally, the Safran team are second to none. The team are friendly, knowledgeable and highly efficient at resolving any question you may encounter. I would recommend Safran Risk for both the novice and the seasoned risk professional."

Independent Project Risk Consultant, North American Oil & Gas

"I have never seen in my life great support for software like yours.

We have some software with paying technical support annually, but you are the best."

Reza Salamat, Chief Executive Officer, PM ERA

Latest from Safran

Why Conduct Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis?

Gain an in-depth understanding of cost and schedule overruns from an acknowledged expert in the field, Dr David T. Hulett, author of 'Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis'.

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Go Beyond the P Dates: How Safran Risk Can Handle Project Disruptors

Many Risk Management practitioners tend to stop the Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA) once the P Dates have been reported. In the video below, Santosh Bhat demonstrates how Safran Risk, with its embedded...

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The Five Immutable Principles of Project Success

Project success is frequently defined as the ability to deliver a product that completely satisfies the requirements of the customer, on-time, and on-budget.

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Use Safran Products for:

Capital Projects


Bringing together project scheduling, planning and risk management in an intuitive interface, our powerful software is robust enough to transform management of even the most complex mega projects. 

Shutdowns & Turnarounds


Safran software streamlines STO planning and execution. SAP integration and out-of-the-box reporting are just part of our comprehensive solution to keep these high-pressure projects on track.

Operational Maintenance


Whether your maintenance project is standalone or interdependent, Safran's flexible solutions will help you get more out of your resources and streamline your schedules.