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Project Planning and Scheduling with Work breakdown structure (WBS) & Activity sequencing / Resource allocation etc…

Critical Path Method (CPM)

With Custom Columns and Gantt Chart Visualisations

Identify Project Phases as Categories within Risk Management Plan (Objectives & Context)
ISO 31000 Risk Management   Focus on Collaborative Analysis & Communication Full Process and Workflow for Risk Identification, Assessment, 
Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis (ICSRA) Monte Carlo Simulation


Estimating Uncertainty Only combined with Resource Loaded / Levelled Schedule

Resource Loaded / Levelled Schedule Or
CBS Integration with If-Statements for Delay Penalty Calculation
Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis (QSRA) Monte Carlo Simulation
Estimating Uncertainty Only
Full Risk Register & CPM Schedule Time Impact Only
Quantitative Cost Risk Analysis (QCRA) Monte Carlo Simulation  
- Standalone QCRA
- Multiple CBS
- Estimating Uncertainty
- Custom Formula(s)
+ Risk Register
Risk Register Only
Cost Estimation and Management
Resource Loaded / Levelled Schedule + Baseline Comparison
Database Memory for Distribution Comparison (Decision Making) and Trending feature Forecast Exposure Suitability versus Contingency Tracking & Feasibility
Sensitivity Analysis  
Automated Sensitivity Analysis (by Exclusion) as per Dr. David Hulett method + Traditional Legacy Methods Traditional Correlation Coefficient Risk Tornado and Estimated Mean Value (EMV) only
"What-if" scenario comparison

Standard Reports & Customizable Dashboards - Histogram/S-curve
- Gantt Chart

Report Package for automated reporting
- Customizable report module with:
- Histogram/S-Curve
- Gantt Chart
- Pie Chart
- Performance Chart
- Bulls Eye Chart
- Bubble Chart
- Progress Summary
- 6 Period Summary
- Schedule Health Check
- Float Trend
- Schedule Performance
- Change Order Reports

Report Package for automated reporting
As per Safran Project
- Distribution Histograms
- S-curves
- Tornado Charts
- Scatter Plots
-Probabilistic Cashflow
- Risk Adjusted Gantt Chart
- (Near) Critical Path Map
- Full Simulation Raw Data
Dashboard Widgets
Custom Reports via Portfolio Viewer Role
Schedule Progress / Baseline tracking & Earned Value Management (EVM)
Yes  (Simplified)

Portfolio Management / Project Tracking and Progress Reporting
Yes, simplified
Multiple baselines saved into the database (& can be held/shared inside .SPX file) As per Safran Project +
Unlimited Distribution Comparison scenarios or Trends can also be produced (or shared via .XML)
Schedule Health Check   DCMA 14 + Tripwire +
Custom Thresholds/Settings
DCMA 14 + Tripwire +
Custom Thresholds/Settings
QSRA Schedule Warnings
Risk Register     Streamlined Risk Register has QRA Focus for Scenario Comparison / Investigation Risk BowTie
Full Ownership and Risk Approval Workflow
Document Links Yes
Integration with other tools .SPX .XER .XML .MPXJ Files API Integration with
"Web Access"
"Project Viewer"
"Marine Manager"
+ .XER .XML .MPXJ Files
Oracle P6 + Microsoft Project
Safran Risk Manager
API Integration with Business Inteligence systems
Safran Risk
Platform & Licence Local Client installation - File Based or
SQL Database installed either on premises or hosted (with stand alone licences)
SQL Database installed either on premises or hosted (with stand alone licences) Software As A Service (SAAS) either via Microsoft Azure or hosted on premises


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