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Manage and Take Action Against Project Risks

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Safran Clients

A small portfolio of Safran clients who are using our software solutions.

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Does your Risk Register make it Difficult To See Critical Actionable Information?

You can’t afford for critical actionable data to be obscured. With Safran Risk Manager you can dedicate resources to the most significant threats and most valuable opportunities.

Built-in analysis and workflows ensure a higher quality of risk data, for projects that deliver on cost, schedule and quality.

Build and manage project risk registers
Intuitive user interface for easy collaboration
Assess and monitor one or multiple projects
Seamlessly integrate with Safran Risk
Improve data accuracy and quality
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Are you too Focused on Qualitative Risk Assessment?

Safran Risk Manager’s qualitative assessment capability automatically facilitates deeper quantitative analysis.

The real-time dashboard enables you to prioritise the most significant risks while you analyse the risk register probabilistically.

Drive higher quality data capture
Simple workflows and user-friendly interface
Easily identify qualitative likelihoods and impacts
Sophisticated probabilistic analysis
Comprehensive suite of reports
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Supporting Better Project and Programme
Risk Management

Fully configurable, SafranRisk Manager’s extensive collection of tools supports all members of the project team to better understand, manage and report on project and program risks.

Safran Web Graphics_Real-time Dashboard

Real-time dashboard allows for one or more projects to be monitored simultaneously. 

Safran Web Graphics_Security Conscious Program

Security conscious program analysis reporting with hierarchal assessment criteria for more accurate insights.

Safran Web Graphics_Bespoke Scoring Systems

Bespoke scoring systems meet individual customer requirements.

Safran Web Graphics_3rd Party Reporting

Compatible with 3rd Party reporting tools such as PowerBI. 

Identify and Prioritise Risk Across Your Portfolio

Safran Risk Manager maintains security across projects, enabling analysts to report on the common project attributes including contingency and financial exposure without divulging sensitive information.

Bespoke scoring systems and program reporting
Instantaneous insights into multiple projects
Maintain project security
Comprehensive project reporting
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Brochure: Safran Risk Manager

Download the Safran Risk Manager Brochure, learn how our software solution allows project controls professionals like you to carefully monitor projects at every stage. This includes:

  • Helping you manage contingencies and cost mitigation strategies
  • Assist you in aggregating causal and consequential risk factors
  • Helps identify and monitor the broader, macro-trends that should be the primary focus of the project team


Safran Testimonial - Eric Ho
Chris Westland - AkerBP - Cut Out


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"I use Safran Risk on complex megaprojects and have found that it is the most capable quantitative schedule risk assessment software on the market.

Safran Risk is a very powerful risk analysis tool, including features that advanced users will appreciate, while still being easy to pick up and use"

Eric Ho, Director of Risk Management VMS (Value Management Strategies)

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"The Safran Risk software is proving very intuitive and easy-to-use and is a key factor in working towards an improved risk management process.

Safran is very open to direct engagement between their core team and Aker BP staff. They are very supportive and always available for direct contact and support allowing us to obtain fast direct support, and also influence the development of the functionality over time."

Chris Westland, Enterprise Planning & Optimisation Manager - Aker BP

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