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Welcome to Safran Software Solutions 

Safran is the preferred software provider for project control professionals around the world who are searching for the tools they need to manage complexities with ease.


Whether you run time-critical, asset-intensive, resource constrained capital projects, or high-risk research and development projects, we design smart solutions that help you make the best decisions and ensure you deliver on time, and on budget.

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What We Do

Safran enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the project controls community, empowering risk managers, project managers, and other stakeholders to tighten control and improve delivery performance through world-class digital tool suites. 

Alongside our software products, we also offer training, consulting, and peer-networking, ensuring our customers have everything they need to succeed.

Ultimately, we help you plan, schedule, execute, and manage risk with confidence.

*Image Credit & Copyright - Jan Arne Wold - Equinor

Our History

Safran Software Solutions was founded in 1997. Initially driving our efforts into helping to transform the oil and gas industry.

We have grown and expanded over the years to develop solutions that make a meaningful difference across many different sectors.

Safran has changed a lot since our early days, but there’s one aspect that’s always stayed the same: our passion for working closely with our customers to understand the complex requirements of planning projects in today’s fast-evolving landscape.

*Image Credit & Copyright - Jan Arne Wold - Equinor

Why Safran?

Headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, the Safran brand is built on a strong and robust foundation of precision Norwegian engineering. We’re proud to take inspiration and passion from Norway’s adventurous environment, and this creative culture has helped Safran become one of the most innovative, trusted, and powerful providers of project control and risk management software in the world. 

Our customers choose us because…
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We’re committed to providing exceptional customer service

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We’re proud to collaborate with industry experts to stay up-to-date

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We’re continually looking for ways to enhance our existing products

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We’re excited to always be working on new ideas and solutions

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We’re not afraid to share our opinions and discuss our views

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We’re truly passionate about strengthening the project community

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We only develop quality solutions we’d be proud to use ourselves

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We’re friendly, trustworthy, and approachable, yet professional

Most of all, our customers choose us because we put them first. Simple. We value open, transparent, responsive, and respectful relationships with our customers, bringing them into the Safran family. Our customers enjoy the inclusive, welcoming feel they get from working with Safran, and are pleased to work with us long term.

More About Safran

We pride ourselves in offering outstanding support to all our customers.

Our experienced team of project management and planning professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve your project goals. From our first telephone call to scheduling our experienced consultants ready for training, Safran ensures you are never on your own.

Learn more about our Vision, Mission, Global Presence and our Investors below.

The Safran Mission

Our mission is to help businesses prioritise their projects, and give project controls and risk management the attention they deserve. Project success is rarely random.

Projects must be approached in a strategic way - with the right tasks and right interventions undertaken at the right time - to drive optimal results. At the end of the day, that’s all there is to it. So we’re on a mission to throw out the gimmicks, get rid of the political battles, and remove this idea that box-ticking is the secret to success.

We want to see businesses make decisions using straightforward outputs. Simple.

Our Vision for the Future

At Safran, we envision a future where we’re all able to work collaboratively within the project controls community, using the latest technologies to facilitate efficient planning and precision execution of even the world’s most complex projects. 

We have a vision that organisations will embrace world-class technologies and be open to implementing powerful, modern solutions that can help them succeed.

Safran Across the Globe

With four international offices across Europe and the USA, and clients across every continent, Safran delivers local expertise on a global scale.

From our strategic locations in the USA, UK, Norway and Sweden, we’re able to offer outstanding support over the phone and in the cloud.

Our consultants and partners stand ready around the world to deliver strategic guidance, in-person or remote training and expert assistance whenever, and wherever you need it.

JDM Technology 

In 2021, Safran became part of JDM Technology Group, joining a global group of leading software providers who share a common focus within the architecture, engineering, construction, maintenance and operations industries. 

JDM Technology Group is committed to providing class-leading software systems which best meet the needs of its users while offering the highest levels of customer support. Its resources will enable Safran to accelerate its growth while expanding its portfolio of project controls, cloud-based software solutions. 

With a global footprint, JDM Technology employs more than 550 team members, with customers on every continent. Its industry specific solutions, of which Safran is a part, are recognizable for their rich functionality, scalability and capability across complex construction industry and built environment projects.

Leadership Team

Safran’s world class leadership team encapsulates decades of experience in project management and first-hand experience in sectors including oil and gas,
engineering, public infrastructure and building and construction.

Richard Wood


Glenn Jarrad


Mark Franklin

VP International Development

Inger Narvestad

Professional Services Manager

Tore Malmin Sætre

Operations & Support Manager

Christian Moller

Software Development Manager

Øyvind Røberg

Product Manager
Leadership Team - Richard Wood

Richard Wood


With more than 20 years of experience in the project controls and asset management field, Richard has first-hand expertise in critical sectors such as telecommunications, Construction, Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Chemicals. As the head of the management team,

Richard’s focus at Safran is achieving our accelerated international growth vision, with a focus on heavy asset industries globally, particularly oil & gas, utilities, engineering & construction and aerospace and defence.

Leadership Team - Glenn Jarrad

Glenn Jarrad


Glenn has dedicated his career to software development and boasts more than 15 years of experience in the Project and Risk Management field.

Skilled in a range of technologies and methodologies, he has previously held senior developer, systems specialist and software development manager roles before being named Chief Technology Officer.

Prior to Safran, he held senior developer positions at organisations including Oracle, Primavera and Pertmaster.

Leadership Team - Mark Franklin

Mark Franklin

VP International Development

Mark is passionate about helping project controls professionals to make a difference to their projects with new, more innovative ways of working. In the last 25 years, he has worked with a wide array of project managers, planners, program directors, risk managers and project controls experts with the overriding aim of helping them deliver more successful projects. 

Mark is responsible for Safran’s international growth, with focus on heavy asset industries globally, particularly oil & gas, utilities, engineering & construction and public infrastructure.

Leadership Team - Inger Narvestad

Inger Narvestad

Professional Services Manager

Inger has been on the Safran team for more than 19 years and has extensive experience in management and administration.

Based in Norway, Inger is primarily focused on training and consulting, but also works closely with the HR, admin and finance. She is passionate about facilitating the relationship between Safran clients, consultants and development teams.

Prior to joining Safran, Inger worked as a project coordinator for the Norwegian Business School.

Leadership Team - Tore Malmin Sætre

Tore Malmin Sætre

Operations & Support Manager

With more than a decade at Safran, Tore has held a number of positions including Safran Project systems consultant, and Safran Project and Safran Planner systems specialist.

Today, he oversees Safran’s support team and works closely with our research and development division to improve and update our software based on user feedback and improvement requests.

Tore continues to act as a Safran consultant, hosts training seminars for Safran software users and develops Safran’s course material.

Leadership Team - Christian Moller

Christian Moller

Software Development Manager

Christian is a veteran of the Project Planning software development space, with more than 20 years in the field.

A skilled and experienced developer, he is a recognised authority on IT infrastructure and has extensive experience working with MSS and Oracle databases.

He oversees software development for Safran, helping to drive our solutions forwards in line with user requests and feedback.

Leadership Team - Øyvind Røberg

Øyvind Røberg

Product Manager

Øyvind has been a member of the Safran team for more than two decades.

Prior to joining Safran, Øyvind earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics/Petroleum Engineering from the University of Stavanger, and a Masters in Marketing Management from the Norwegian Business School.

Join the Safran Team

Interested in working with Safran? We’re always looking for new talent!

Visit our Careers page and learn more about a career with Safran, and our latest vacancies.

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