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Get The Most Out Of Your Safran Products With Integrations

We know that project management, project risk and scheduling doesn’t exist in a vacuum and your wider team and stakeholders will likely use a wide range of systems and applications in addition to Safran.

Safran is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems including ERP, Document Control, Job Card, procurement and logistics and personnel and resource systems. Safran also supports import and export from such as Microsoft and Primavera P6 so you can work efficiently, without information silos and bottlenecks. 

Our experienced team can create a custom integration API for you, enabling you to integrate your systems and applications in a way that helps your projects progress. 

Here are just some of the integrations made possible by Safran.

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Safran Clients

A small portfolio of Safran clients who are using our software solutions.

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Improve Your Project Efficiency And Effectiveness

Safran’s ILAP Gateway for Safran Project delivers efficiency and effectiveness to your desktop, tablet or mobile device. 

The ILAP standard is designed to extend project stakeholders’ ability to efficiently communicate between disparate planning systems, by defining, developing, and deploying a common standard for the exchange of planning data.

Marine Manager

Manage, Control, And Collaborate Across Your Complex Marine Projects

Synchronise work specs, enhance communications, and manage documents with confidence with help from Marine Manager. An interactive collaboration platform developed specifically for the maritime industry, Marine Manager makes it easier than ever to streamline projects, right through from estimation to implementation. 

With an advanced yet intuitive web and mobile interface, Marine Manager supports process improvements that drive simpler, faster, and smarter decision making. Chat directly with the project team, keep track of the project’s entire communication history, and invite internal and external stakeholders to work in the same platform. 

Marine Manager is designed to support efficient, effective operations through a mobile application cross-platform on Apple and Android, supported by an easy-to-use web application. With all communications housed within a single system - and the ability to integrate with existing project tools - Marine Manager saves time while boosting productivity.

Digitising The Marine Industry

Together, Marine Manager and Safran Project are sparking long overdue changes within the marine and maritime industries.

With full integration, the two systems are working together to build a comprehensive, all-in-one solution to the biggest challenges in marine-based projects today, without the need for external modules. 

Sync activities from Safran to Marine Manager, push schedule data out to mobile devices in the field, and report live progress directly back to Safran Project. All with no rekeying, no formatting issues, and no extra burden to your busy project team.

Webinar: Companion Products Marine Manager

In this webinar, Safran CEO Richard Wood is joined by Jorgen Aasland, the Sales Manager for the Nordic region where they discuss and demonstrate how Safran Project users can access three key benefits by using the Marine Manager solution.

Safran Project’s
Integration API

Seamless Sharing Of Data From Other Apps Into Safran Risk

Safran has a developed our Integration API to meet your business needs for accessing project information from external (Non-Safran) applications.  This means that your project management application is connected to other critical apps resulting in reduced workload, time savings and data accuracy.

Safran Project Integration API built on Microsoft’s Web API 2 framework enables data sharing to mobile, web, and desktop apps. In addition, the Integration API supports UN/CEFACT and ILAP XML schemas.

Data Reporting Utility

Unlock The Power Of Safran's Rich Data Content 

Connect Safran Project to your Power BI application with Data Reporting Utility (DRU) and you can unleash the power of Safran’s rich data content to populate your own customized reports and dashboards.

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Safran Testimonial - Eric Ho
Chris Westland - AkerBP - Cut Out


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"I use Safran Risk on complex megaprojects and have found that it is the most capable quantitative schedule risk assessment software on the market.

Safran Risk is a very powerful risk analysis tool, including features that advanced users will appreciate, while still being easy to pick up and use"

Eric Ho, Director of Risk Management VMS (Value Management Strategies)

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"The Safran Risk software is proving very intuitive and easy-to-use and is a key factor in working towards an improved risk management process.

Safran is very open to direct engagement between their core team and Aker BP staff. They are very supportive and always available for direct contact and support allowing us to obtain fast direct support, and also influence the development of the functionality over time."

Chris Westland, Enterprise Planning & Optimisation Manager - Aker BP

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