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Safran Blog

Our project management and schedule risk analysis experts share their knowledge.

Reducing Project Risk: How to Display Different Project Scenarios Real-Time With Safran Risk

If you’ve considered your risk management software options and have decided to implement Safran Risk, then it’s important to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the system, and fully utilising Safran Risk’s built-in features for reducing project risk.

20th May 2022 Read more

5 Ways to Teach Your Risk Management Team to Assess Risk Consequences and Proactively Act On Them

Risk exists. Every single project that your business signs onto will come with its own set of risks, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent that.

What you can do, however, is ensure you’re prepared to manage these risks in the best way possible. 

20th May 2022 Read more

Forum Safran 2018: All You Need to Know

Forum Safran is over for another year. Thanks to everyone who joined us in Stavanger. It was a fantastic event, made possible by all those who attended, that really lived up to our learn, share, discover mantra.

20th May 2022 Read more

An Introduction to Biases that Affect Risk Management and Scheduling

We live in a biased world – and biases can be harmful when it comes to risk management. As a natural and inevitable human trait, bias can’t simply be overcome with risk analysis tools.

20th May 2022 Read more

Go Beyond the P Dates: How Safran Risk Can Handle Project Disruptors

Many Risk Management practitioners tend to stop the Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA) once the P Dates have been reported. In the video below, Santosh Bhat demonstrates how Safran Risk, with its embedded scheduling engine, can address project disruptors that go Beyond the P Dates.


16th May 2022 Read more

Why Faster Risk Analysis Software Can Save Your Next Project

Risk management professionals add value throughout the life cycle of a project by validating risk models and communicating project risks and potential risk mitigation strategies. However, the work of validating and communicating the likelihood of certain project risks is complex and time consuming.  

31st January 2022 Read more

Is risk management failing to ‘see the forest for the trees’?

Risk management professionals today have sophisticated analytical tools at their fingertips to provide a detailed view of the risks faced by a project. Yet despite this, many projects continue to finish late, over budget, below expectations or any combination of these deficiencies. 

24th January 2022 Read more

What do you see going on here?

Many of you might have seen this image recently when it went viral on social media, and reactions might have included laughter or a shaking of heads. If you work with risk, it might have crossed your mind that you would never be involved in anything like this. 

21st December 2021 Read more

Boosting project profits: the role of risk management

Owner and director of Redstone Risk Ltd, Will Foulds, introduces his new report which shows that certain risk management practices lead to higher project profits.

A recent study in the International Journal of Engineering Business Management (Vol 11, 1-16), found that the level of a business’ Project Risk Management Maturity (PRMM) has a significant impact on its profit performance. 

18th November 2021 Read more

New Download: Optimizing Complex Schedules in SAP Project System

Our latest download explores how the four variables of activity duration, cost, resources, and risk can be best optimized when working with complex schedules in SAP Project System (PS).

23rd October 2021 Read more

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