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Who Stole My Float? Distributing Slack with Safran Project

Float or slack, when present, is an important asset to any project. It provides flexibility in the project schedule and as an important asset should be managed carefully. But how can project managers go about more evenly sharing a project's float? 

23rd June 2017 Read more

Is Your Project Status Green?

A few years ago, I came across the concept of 'Watermelon projects'; projects that are green on the outside but red at the inside. It can be observed as part of the summarized management reporting structure - the higher up the ladder the greener the project gets.

08th June 2017 Read more

Webinar: Democratising Risk Analysis and Improving Project Planning

On the 27th of June, 2017, Safran will host a live and interactive webinar, featuring guest speaker Jan B Johnsen, Commercial Manager and Process Owner for Project Planning at Aibel.

07th June 2017 Read more

Announcing Safran Project 7.2

We are excited to announce the latest release of Safran Project, v7.2. Here's an idea of just some of the new capabilities in this release.

01st June 2017 Read more

The New Østfold Hospital at Kalnes, Norway

Located approximately 90km southeast of Oslo in Kalnes, the newly completed Østfold hospital is one of the largest health-care facilities in Norway. At the start of the project, Safran Project was chosen to bring together planning, scheduling, and execution to ensure complete project and portfolio management so that the hospital's successful completion could be achieved.

30th May 2017 Read more

Registration is Open for Forum Safran 2017

Safran’s annual user conference is approaching fast. In October, Forum Safran 2017 will provide the perfect opportunity to meet the team behind your project portfolio management and schedule risk analysis software solutions. The conference will give you the chance to share ideas and experiences with your industry peers and project management colleagues and build a strong network within the project controls community.

23rd May 2017 Read more

Announcing Safran Risk 7.1.5

We are excited to announce the latest release of Safran Risk, v7.1.5, here’s an idea of just some of the new capabilities in this release.

17th May 2017 Read more

The Impact of Scope Management on Project Success

Very few projects are ever completed according to the original plan and budget. Change is inevitable, but mandating that proper change control processes are in place can help minimise their impact.

16th May 2017 Read more

Why Your Baseline is Essential in Project Management

A baseline is an important element of project management. Without a baseline, there will be no performance measurement and no earned value analysis for your project.

A sound principle of project management is ensuring the baseline is set at the planning stage and not altered later on unless due authority is received from the project owner. When revising the baseline make sure the original and any previous baselines are not lost. A proper baseline process earns value and credibility for the project.

04th May 2017 Read more

How Safran Project Contributed to the Success of Oslo Airport Gardermoen Terminal 2

Today is the big day for Oslo Airport as it opens its new Terminal 2 building.

The Terminal 2 extension project took a total of 9-years to complete, with a cost of nearly 2 billion USD, but now Norway’s main airport is ready to better serve the 26 million passengers that pass through its doors every year.

27th April 2017 Read more

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