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Announcing Safran Project 7.2

June 01, 2017 |   | 
1 minutes read
Øyvind Røberg

Øyvind Røberg

We are excited to announce the latest release of Safran Project, v7.2. Here's an idea of just some of the new capabilities in this release.

With Safran Project 7.2, Safran brings the first commercial solution supporting the ILAP XML Schema for project scheduling and control data exchange to the market.

(ILAP= Integrated Life Cycle Asset Planning) ILAP is an initiative from the oil and gas industry to create a ISO approved standard for data exchange.


With Safran Project 7.2 we also introduce the SPX file format, a new native Safran file format that significantly improves import performance.

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Other improvements include:

  • Import of cross-project links for multi-project, program and portfolio planning
  • New, Per Unit resource type
  • Support of quotes and other special characters in all text fields
  • Option to save data from calculated userfields
  • Several minor enhancements and bug-fixes


For further information on this release, including a detailed list of all the additions and improvements, contact Safran today.