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Safran Training

Safran provides Certified Training and Informal Training to enable you and your teams to become well-equipped.

So that you have the option to choose the type of training that best fits your needs.

It is our goal to enhance your experience and enable your success.

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General Training Request

We offer trainings on all our products. The training can be online or in-house, in our offices in Stavanger or we can come to you.

Discuss your training needs with a consultant. Together we'll find the best fit for your needs. 

Safran Project Basics Course

We offer scheduled courses in our offices in Stavanger for Safran Project.

We can also set up classroom training for all of our products. If you wish classroom training for other products, or the location or times don't suit your needs, please send us an email and we'll find the perfect training solution for your organisation. 

Certified Training 

Today we offer Certified Training on Safran Risk. This an 8 hour online course over two days  (4hrs per day).

This web course has been designed for anyone who needs to perform quantitative cost and/or schedule risk analysis on their project, and how to confidently interpret - and challenge - the resulting outputs. Using best practices as recommended by the AACEI and others, attendees will be taught how to convert an existing Primavera P6, or Microsoft Project, file into a stochastic model which considers all possible realistic outcomes for costs and schedule. The course will cover estimating uncertainty, and the building of risk – and mitigation – registers. Attendees will also learn:

  • how to set up their analysis and run a Monte Carlo simulation
  • how to quantify exposure to downside risk, test mitigation strategies, run scenario analysis, and quantify the likelihood of achieving project cost & time objectives 
  • how to interpret output distributions and the results of sensitivity analysis
  • how to present important & relevant information to decision-makers

All concepts are introduced using simple example models.

To see a more detailed course outline click the button below.

Certified Training 

Today we offer Certified Training on Safran Risk. This a 20 hour online course over four days  (5hrs per day) with our partners Emerald Associates.

Safran Risk has been designed to be the next generation of probabilistic analysis tools – one with the unique ability to create both cost and schedule risk models and map the two together. Safran Risk is develped by the same team that developed Pertmaster, long the industry standard.

This software has been developed with a visually appealing and accessible, user-friendly interface with a fully integrated scheduling environment. Safran has developed its software to integrate seamlessly with Oracle Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project tools.

  • Live virtual course where attendees can join from anywhere
  • Participants will be able to communicate with the instructor and engage with peers through an online training platform
  • Training runs from 8:30am MDT to approximately 1:30pm MDT

To see a more detailed course outline and book your training with Emerald Associates, click the button below.

Certified Training 

Today we offer Certified Training on Safran Risk.  

Product Orientation and Certified Training

Our premium partner Allinno, offers a 3 hour online Safran Risk orientation course, as well as certified classroom-based training on Safran Risk.


Safran Risk Orientation

3 hours online course. 

Training Outcome: Awareness of the menu options and basic operation of Safran Risk.


Safran Risk Fundamentals Practitioner

1 day of classroom training.

Training Outcome: Ability to navigate Safran Risk to achieve a simple SRA analysis.

Attendees qualify for certification.


Schedule Risk Analysis using Safran Risk

2 days of classroom training.

Training Outcome:

  • Understand SRA concepts and methodology, ensure schedule suitability.
  • Model duration uncertainty and events (risk events, weather and risk factors).
  • Report and interpret statistical outputs for quantifying schedule contingencies.
  • Report schedule drivers in sequences indicating quantitative order of importance.

Attendees qualify for certification.


All courses are scheduled around customer demand.

Register your interest through the button below, and Allinno will get in touch with you to set up a suitable training option.

Safran Risk Manager Training Request

We offer trainings on all our products.  The Safran Risk Manager training requested by contacting our Subject Matter Expert. The traning will to be given online.

Discuss your Safran Risk Manager training needs with a consultant. Together we'll find the best option to meet your needs. 

Safran Risk On-Demand Training

Learn and be inspired by our on-demand training.

Safran Risk Training Session

This detailed training to Safran Risk and how to use the many powerful features within the our software. 

Safran Risk Cost Module Training

Extensive video training series with our Senior Risk & Uncertainty Consultant Chris Ritson, covering the Safran Risk Cost Module.

Schedule Your Training Consultation

Schedule A  Consultation With Our Team To Determine How We Can Support Your Safran Software Training Needs.

Safran Customers

A small portfolio of Safran customers who are using our software solutions.

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