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Save Time, Improve Engagement, Accuracy and Project Outcome

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Safran Clients

A small portfolio of Safran clients who are using our software solutions.

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Monte-Carlo Simulation Tool Out-Of-Date?

  • Independent study found Safran Risk runs 97% faster than OPRA (Pertmaster)
  • Secure and stable SQL database for your largest logic linked resource loaded schedules
  • Clear, simple Reporting with added automation (not just S-curves and Tornado diagrams)
  • Automated Sensitivity Analysis by Exclusion (Dr. David Hulett) for milestones, hammocks & costs
  • Oracle P6 .XER + Microsoft Project .XML + .MPXJ Interoperability

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Decision Trade-Offs with Improved Project Insights

  • Joint Confidence Levels (JCL) via integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis.
  • Stochastically test risk mitigation proposals for smarter cost-benefit analysis. 
  • Utilise Lessons-Learned & Actual Performance (or historical weather data).
  • Easier User-Interface for applying different types of correlation.
  • Real-Time Analyser to spot anomalies before committing to full simulation. 
Free-up time to interrogate the accuracy of your models
Increased transparency and simple process flows
Raw simulation data navigated or exported to Excel / BI tools
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Improve Project Speed, Cost And Profit

Effortlessly combine advanced project schedule risk, and cost risk analysis for greater insight and smarter, real-time decision making. Safran Risk empowers you to better understand, manage and mitigate against risk and deliver improved project outcomes.

Safran Web Graphics - Risk_Real Time Analysis

Real-time analysis: Receive instant feedback as risk model is being built.

Safran Web Graphics - Risk_Schedule Validation

Schedule validation: Schedule Check automatically monitors and validates your schedules.

Safran Web Graphics - Risk_Risk Mitigiation

Risk mitigation: Make fast, informed decisions based on the quantified impact of the project schedule and cost.

Safran Web Graphics - Risk_Integration

Data Exchange: Create or modify project schedules directly within Safran Risk from 3rd party systems.

Safran Web Graphics - Risk_Combined Cost Schedule

Integrated: Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis save time and reduce frustration by conducting cost and schedule risk analysis on a single platform.

Improve Stakeholder Buy-In

  • Increased model transparency and simple workflows.
  • Enhanced engagement and collaboration though what-if comparison.
  • Leverage the Risk Driver method to clearly show cause & effect.
  • Fast & intuitive for live risk workshops and presentations.
  • Automatically visualise risk adjusted Gantt charts and Cashflows.
  • Fully customise how schedules are visualised to elevate audience comprehension.
  • Re-use time freed-up to improve model validity, stress-test & discover/propose new recommendations.
Automatically visualise risk adjusted Gantt charts
Fully customise how schedules are visualised
Enhance engagement and collaboration
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Why Safran Risk?

Understanding Quantitative Risk Analysis - In this 3 part mini-video series we cover three key areas you need to know including: 

  • How to Win Stakeholder Hearts & Minds by Cultivating Trust
  • How to Save Time in Producing & Interrogating Risk Models
  • How to Create & Protect Value / Profit


Eric Ho_Feb2023
Chris Westland - AkerBP - Cut Out
James Arrow endorses Safran Risk
Ian Nicholson endorses Safran Risk
Will Foulds - Edited
Sam Steiman endorses Safran Risk
Bruno Berroyer endorses Safran Risk


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"I use Safran Risk on complex megaprojects and have found that it is the most capable quantitative schedule risk assessment software on the market.

Safran Risk is a very powerful risk analysis tool, including features that advanced users will appreciate, while still being easy to pick up and use"

Eric Ho, Director of Risk Management Aquanti Consulting

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"The Safran Risk software is proving very intuitive and easy-to-use and is a key factor in working towards an improved risk management process.

Safran is very open to direct engagement between their core team and Aker BP staff. They are very supportive and always available for direct contact and support allowing us to obtain fast direct support, and also influence the development of the functionality over time."

Chris Westland, Enterprise Planning & Optimisation Manager - Aker BP

"Safran Risk’s simple and intuitive layout makes it the tool of choice for risk practitioners who work closely with project teams, helping them easily quantify and manage uncertainty that matters.”

James Arrow, DRMP FRICS Project Quantum Solutions LLC

The results speak for themselves.
Analysis that would have taken 40 hours to complete in OPRA takes mere minutes when conducted via Safran Risk. Moreover, it offers far greater accuracy, reducing the likelihood of mistakes to zero.”

Ian Nicholson, Managing Director Emerald Associates

Will Foulds endorses Safran Risk

"It's very surprising how many people & organizations create one model and make  decisions based on one version of the future.

It is essential that people realise the value of CSRA. It's that ability to add things in, take things out. What if we double-it, what if we shorten it? …there is a range of possibilities here. Safran Risk software enables that conversation.”

Will Foulds, Managing Director Redstone Risk Ltd

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“Each (project) has its own funding limit & each has to be met and also comply with those funding constraints, very exciting to see Safran offering probabilistic cashflow analysis because the analysis we do have to demonstrate that the risk based cashflow complies with the available funding profile.”

Sam Steiman, Director Power Services at MPR Associates, Inc.

“You can upload a new (version of the) schedule and all of the cost & risk mappings are preserved. So that used to be a real pain when updating an interfaced model. So now it's easy, you can iterate more quickly, so we can continuously support new decisions.”

Bruno Berroyer, Managing Partner at PragmaRisk

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