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Safran Clients

A small portfolio of Safran clients who are using our software solutions.

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Is Project Scope Creep Undermining your Projects?

Scope creep is the number one cause of project delay and over budget delivery.

Safran Project puts enhanced project controls at your fingertips, so you can always see the full picture and keep your projects on track regardless of what happens along the way. 

Thanks to built-in scope control and change register, Safran Project allows you to see the impact of changes on resource requirements and project timelines in real-time. Assess progress against your baseline and recent updates, so you’re always positioned to deliver projects successfully.

Accurately capture variations in scope of work
Track impact on resource demands and project timeline
Create alternative schedules around scope creep

Streamline your Reporting Without Compromising on Accuracy

Without the right tools, reports can quickly become outdated. With Safran Project, you can create custom reports quickly and easily using the very latest project data.

Flexible reporting periods make it easier to manage projects of great magnitude, while fingertip access to accurate information makes it easy to deliver reports to project stakeholders. 

Easily create S-curves, Histograms, Progress summary reports, Performance charts and more. Set up with a few clicks and use the combined report package to run at each status update.

Built-in report engine with project control-specific reports
User configurable reports and graphics
Print multiple reports simultaneously with report packages
Automate your reporting at regular intervals

A Scalable Solution to Handle Your Large Projects Efficiently

Staying in control of complex projects requires accurate data management and a scalable solution. Built for large scale projects, Safran Project gives you access to the latest data, exactly when you need it as your project evolves.

The powerful, real-time scheduler can handle an unlimited number of activities, and schedule them interactively. Capture an exact picture of demand to get the right resources, in the right place, at the right time.

Easily access and model uncertainty
Built for large scale projects and portfolios
Custom filter and group your projects
Drill down with real-time data
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Power And Flexibility In A Single Package

Safran Project is highly configurable and packed with powerful features that you won’t find elsewhere.

Safran Web Graphics_Report Engine

Built-in report engine can automate report packages and offers a wide range of project control reports.

Safran Web Graphics_Alternative Schedules

Devise efficient alternative schedules with what-if scenarios, and create a forecasted schedule based on project performance.

Safran Web Graphics_Change Control

Use change control to illustrate the impact of scope of work changes and decision making on project outcomes.

Safran Web Graphics_Custom Integrations

Use our Integration API to bring other systems into your Safran Project Enviroment.

Safran Web Graphics V2_Customisable Scheduler

Fully customisable scheduler so
you control what you see and how
you see it.

Match Resource Demands with Availability Across Your Project Portfolio

Juggling resource demand with resource availability, across complex or multiple projects is an enormous undertaking. It requires a clear picture of what lies ahead to optimise people, materials, budget and timelines.

Safran Project allows you to see into the future, with granular level visibility of resource demand stacked against availability, across your entire project portfolio.

Generate resource histograms with capacity details
Apply smart resource levelling across projects or portfolios
See predictions based on planned, unplanned and delayed work
Conduct delivery-based assessments

Webinar: The Five Immutable Principles of Project Success

In this webinar, project management thought leader and author, Glen Alleman, talks us through his “Five Immutable Principles of Project Success”, followed by a demonstration of how Safran Project and Risk support these principles.


Safran Testimonial - Eric Ho (1)
Chris Westland - AkerBP - Cut Out


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"I use Safran Risk on complex megaprojects and have found that it is the most capable quantitative schedule risk assessment software on the market.

Safran Risk is a very powerful risk analysis tool, including features that advanced users will appreciate, while still being easy to pick up and use"

Eric Ho, Director of Risk Management VMS (Value Management Strategies)

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"The Safran Risk software is proving very intuitive and easy-to-use and is a key factor in working towards an improved risk management process.

Safran is very open to direct engagement between their core team and Aker BP staff. They are very supportive and always available for direct contact and support allowing us to obtain fast direct support, and also influence the development of the functionality over time."

Chris Westland, Enterprise Planning & Optimisation Manager - Aker BP

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