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Aker BP Choose Safran Risk for Project Risk Management Analysis

September 18, 2018 |   | 
Safran Software Solutions

Safran Software Solutions

Aker BP has teamed up with Safran to improve its risk management analysis across all Oil and Gas developments. 

The partnership solidifies Aker BP’s ambition to strengthen its risk management processes and provide its team members with an intuitive, high-performing, user-orientated tool that can be used for running integrated cost and schedule risk models for all facilities projects.

A Long History of Oil and Gas Risk Management

With a deep-rooted history of working successfully alongside companies within the Oil and Gas sector, Safran's level of experience and support was attractive to Aker BP and heavily influenced the decision-making process.

Chris Westland, Planning Manager in Aker BP’s Projects Business Unit said:

"The Safran Risk software is proving very intuitive and easy-to-use, and is a key factor in working towards an improved risk management process. The team has achieved early effective use. I am really looking forward to working with Safran to get the most out of the software going forwards.

"Safran Risk is focused on the user and enables everyone to take ownership of the results of the risk analysis. This improves forecasting across all projects and allows different companies to work together effectively in a common tool with a common approach."

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Easy Implementation

Safran Risk was first implemented on a preliminary basis where on-the-job experience was interspersed with interim training. This approach has allowed a team of users to get up-to-speed rapidly, allowing for a seamless transition from old software to Safran Risk.

Safran Risk will now be implemented across all Aker BP projects with immediate effect, from large-scale greenfield developments all the way down to minor brownfield modifications. Its combination of cost and schedule risk analysis, embedded scheduling capability, and sponsorship and integration with ILAP will enhance interaction and ownership of the risk management process throughout the lifecycle of these projects.

An Ongoing Partnership

As an ongoing partnership, Aker BP will continue to work closely alongside Safran to suggest further enhancements to the software and deploy even wider within the company:

"Safran is very open to direct engagement between the core team and Aker BP staff. They are very supportive and always available for direct contact and support – this even includes the developers of the software. This allows Aker BP to obtain fast direct support, and also influence the development of the functionality over time.

"We are very excited about being directly involved in enhancing the capabilities of Safran Risk, to ensure we create greater value to Aker BP through its use in our project risk management processes."

For further information about this partnership, please get in touch, or to learn why Aker BP chose to use Safran Risk – request a free 30-day trial.