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A World-Class Risk Analysis Tool

To thrive in an ever more complex and turbulent world, organizations need to master risk analysis at every business level. From project manager to board member, Safran Risk presents in-depth, practical information your whole team will buy into. 

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Meeting the Needs of Today's Industry

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Complete Visibility from a Single Application

  • Conduct risk analysis across every different phase of the project lifecycle
  • Share a consistent view to all stakeholders through integrated cost & schedule analysis
  • Perform lessons-learned activities by comparing your assumptions to project realities
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Ensure Complete Buy-In to Risk Analysis

  • Experiment with risk inputs to see in real-time how and why outputs change
  • View different levels of detail from management overviews to specifics for technical staff
  • Verify risk inputs by comparing different versions
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Practical Risk Analysis Data & Insight

  • Real-time results for timely resolution
  • Clear business data you can act upon
  • Create mitigation plans modelled on that business data

Trusted by Project & Risk Professionals

Our risk management tools are trusted by risk professionals and used across a wide range of industries to deliver project success. From Oil & Gas, Commercial Aviation, Manufacturing, Construction and more.

Safran Risk is a great product with an even better support team. After a few days I knew that it was miles beyond its competition when it comes to fully integrated cost-schedule analysis.

Risk Specialist, American energy company

I use Safran Risk on complex megaprojects. I’ve found that a very powerful risk analysis tool, with features that even advanced users will appreciate.

Eric Ho, Director of Risk Management VMS

The user interface is laid-out intuitively and the team are friendly, knowledgeable and highly efficient at resolving any question you may encounter.

Independent Project Risk Consultant, North American Oil & Gas

risk logo iconSafran Risk Features

Integrated cost & schedule risk analysis

Save time and hassle by conducting cost and schedule risk analysis on a single platform

Seamless & robust cost risk analysis

Perform a cost-only risk analysis from any phase of your project

Fully integrated scheduling environment

Run streamlined risk workshops thanks to real-time schedule changes

Best-in-class risk reporting

Validate risk models and present results with clarity and simplicity

Oracle Primavera P6 & Microsoft Project interoperability

Create or modify project schedules directly within Safran Risk from 3rd party systems

Risk mitigation

Make fast, informed decisions based on the quantified impact of the project schedule and cost

Risk-readiness schedule validation

Schedule Check automatically monitors and validates your schedules

Accelerate workshops with real-time analysis

Safran Risk provides instant feedback on the relevant impacts as the risk model is being built

Create risk calendars from existing data

Validate inputs and maximize your investment with Safran Risk’s unique calendars and templates

Integrated cost & schedule risk analysis

Save time and hassle by conducting cost and schedule risk analysis on a single platform

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