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New Partnership with Hulett & Associates to Bring Major Risk Management Advances

February 06, 2019 |   | 
1 minutes read
Safran Software Solutions

Safran Software Solutions

Safran is delighted to announce the formation of our new strategic partnership with Hulett & Associates – one of the foremost authorities in project management consulting and noted leader in the field of risk assessment, management, and mitigation.

Risk Management 

This collaboration is set to combine the experience, expertise, and international acclaim of Dr. David Hulett, author of the widely accepted Practical Schedule Risk Analysis (Gower, 2009) and Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis (Gower, 2011), with the world’s foremost project controls software, courtesy of Safran. 

The partnership aims to create a unique platform for project leaders, capturing and delivering best-practice guidance and techniques for risk mediation and control – regardless of project complexity.


Click this link to take our free 9-minute online assessment and understand your  organization's risk maturity level today. 


A Word from the CEOs

Dr. David Hulett, Hulett & Associates Founder and CEO, said of the partnership: “I feel this to be a long overdue collaboration with a formidable team. This partnership announces that we are ready to leverage all of our joint experience in the pursuit of success on behalf of our global customers.”

Meanwhile, Richard Wood, Safran CEO has remarked that this collaboration is a perfect combination – two of the world’s risk management leaders pooling their resources to deliver a unique project management experience.

For complex projects, access to this formidable level of experience is indispensable. 

David Hulett Risk Maturity Assessment

And fruits of this labor are already paying dividends, with the launch of the David Hulett Risk Maturity Assessment – an index that allows any risk manager to assess their organization’s maturity in risk analysis.

Designed by Safran, in partnership with Hulett & Associates, this free-to-use assessment measures a project’s level of risk preparedness against five levels of risk maturity.

And with it, any business across any sector can evaluate its ability to deal with the various risks associated with large-scale project management and improve the use of risk analytics in planning and delivering major projects.

Talk to the Experts 

For more information regarding this partnership, please get in touch, or, to try out the free-to-use David Hulett Risk Maturity Assessment and take advantage of this one-of-a-kind tool, click the link.