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Introducing Safran Cloud

February 20, 2018 |   | 
1 minutes read
Lars Petter Eliassen

Lars Petter Eliassen

We are delighted to announce the introduction of Safran Cloud: an on-demand cloud-driven service that provides access to the latest generation of Safran’s project controls applications – Safran Project and Safran Risk – whenever and wherever you need them.

With Safran Cloud, you get to experience the value of your own secure, private cloud without the complication of managing internal IT infrastructure and application updates.

Avoid the worry of IT management and network access headaches; with Safran Cloud you no longer need to install Safran locally, simply connect to your own cloud server and experience unlimited, on-demand access.


Discover project and portfolio management for the 21st century - start your  free 30 day trial of Safran Cloud.


What is Safran Cloud?

Safran Cloud is project management for the 21st century. At its heart is a  private and secure cloud service, customisable to your specifications.

Managed by Safran experts, Safran Cloud enables you to reduce time spent updating, installing and deploying software updates across all your devices.

Thanks to our team of experts, all your applications are kept updated, ensuring you get the full benefit of Safran’s latest offerings.

Improve Collaboration with Safran Cloud

We have already deployed Safran Cloud in a number of cases different cases, including Statsbygg's Campus Ås Project. Here is what project director, Erik Antonsen had to say: 

With Safran Project running in the Safran Cloud, we are able to plan and monitor the execution of the construction of a $1B veterinary hospital and research facility with minimal IT headaches. The largest contractors update our master plan directly in Safran Cloud in a secure and practical manner, resulting in an always updated Master Project Schedule.

With unlimited access to the master schedule, Campus Ås project integrated owner and contractor schedules securely without needing to grant contractors access to the owner’s IT network. This enabled them to say goodbye to the internal IT headaches and gain unrestricted access to the latest generation of Safran’s leading project controls software. 

To test the benefits of an on-demand cloud service yourself, try Safran Cloud today for free.