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Webinar - Mega Project: Planning and Constructing the Oslo Airport Terminal 2

November 02, 2017 |   | 
1 minutes read
Lars Petter Eliassen

Lars Petter Eliassen

Safran hosted a live and interactive webinar, featuring guest speaker Jonas Gran who was a Project Planner on the Oslo Gardermoen Airport Terminal 2 project.

The new Oslo International Airport (OSL) was built in 1998 to handle 17 million passengers per year. However, the increasing number of passengers over the last decade has led Avinor, the company responsible for the state-owned airports in Norway, to approve an expansion plan for Terminal 2. Safran Project was an important component to the successful realisation of the Terminal 2 project.

Watch now - Mega Project: Planning and Construction the Oslo Airport Terminal 2, Webinar


With the addition of Terminal 2, Oslo International Airport will be capable of adding new capacity for airlines. Adding and integrating new infrastructure, e.g. new buildings, baggage systems, piping and wiring routing, to those already in operation is a very complex project to execute successfully. Furthermore, there are commercial services including 70 restaurants, shops, lounges, banks, etc. 

Avinor is a wholly-owned company under the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications and is responsible for 46 state-owned airports. Avinor operates control towers, control centres and other technical infrastructure for safe air navigation. You can read more about how Safran supported the Oslo International Airport T2 project in the Avinor case study.

To support more efficient project management methods and detailed follow up of project progress, Avinor migrated to Safran Project as the main project scheduling software

What We Will Cover

During this webinar, Jonas Gran talked about the OSL Terminal 2 expansion project. Professional planning was crucial on the project, since it was being executed during the full operations of a large international airport and involved coordinating a number of contracts. Other topics covered include:

  • Overview of the capital project plan
  • Execution of the project plan and how professional planning helped prevent further complications
  • Unique challenges of the project and the lessons learned from these challenges
  • How Safran Project's powerful planning capabilities support large, complex capital projects
  • Live Q&A

Watch our free webinar and gain insight from the execution of this complex capital project.