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Webinar - Seamlessly Integrating Owner and Contractors’ Project Schedules

February 27, 2018 |   | 
1 minutes read
Lars Petter Eliassen

Lars Petter Eliassen

Aproblem often faced by large-scale projects is how to integrate both owner and contractor schedules into a single, cohesive plan—without granting contractors access to the owner’s IT network.

Traditionally, this has meant manually importing contractor schedules into the master plan, which means a constant battle to keep the schedule updated with the latest information. But what if there was a way to move beyond laborious manual work and allow key contractors to input updates into the schedule directly?


Gain a better understanding of the benefits of integrating owner and contractor  project schedules - watch our webinar now.


With Safran Project running in the Safran Cloud, government management company Statsbygg were able to plan and execute the construction of a $1Bn veterinary hospital and research facility with minimal IT headaches. Using Safran Cloud, contractors were able to update the master plan in real time, delivering a fully integrated schedule Statsbygg could be sure was always up to date with the latest information.

We invited Kåre Johan Haarr from Statsbygg to join Safran’s Øyvind Valaker for a webinar discussing the Campus Ås Veterinary Institute Project. The webinar was followed by a functional demo on how Safran Project's supports the integrated project schedules and solves common project management problems.

What We Covered

The webinar covers the following Project Controls topics:

  • Overview of the Campus Ås Veterinary Institute Project
  • Brief on integrated planning
  • How Statsbygg developed and operated an Integrated Project Plan
  • Safran Cloud's benefits on this project
  • Functional demo of Safran Project
  • Live Q&A

To watch the webinar recording click here.