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Upcoming Webinar - Seamlessly Integrating Owner and Contractors’ Project Schedules

A problem often faced by large-scale projects is how to integrate both owner and contractor schedules into a single, cohesive plan—without granting contractors access to the owner’s IT network.

Traditionally, this has meant manually importing contractor schedules into the master plan, which means a constant battle to keep the schedule updated with the latest information. But what if there was a way to move beyond laborious manual work and allow key contractors to input updates into the schedule directly?Gain a better understanding of the benefits of integrating owner and contractor  project schedules, register for our webinar now.


With Safran Project running in the Safran Cloud, government management company Statsbygg were able to plan and execute the construction of a $1Bn veterinary hospital and research facility with minimal IT headaches. Using Safran Cloud, contractors were able to update the master plan in real time, delivering a fully integrated schedule Statsbygg could be sure was always up to date with the latest information.

We’ve invited Kåre Johan Haarr from Statsbygg to join Safran’s Øyvind Valaker for our free, live webinar discussing the Campus Ås Veterinary Institute Project. The webinar will be followed by a functional demo on how Safran Project's supports the integrated project schedules and solves common project management problems.

What We Will Cover

We will cover the following Project Controls topics:

  • Overview of the Campus Ås Veterinary Institute Project
  • Brief on integrated planning
  • How Statsbygg developed and operated an Integrated Project Plan
  • Safran Cloud's benefits on this project
  • Functional demo of Safran Project
  • Live Q&A

The webinar will be taking place 22nd March at 2pm CESTTo watch the webinar and be notified before it begins, please register now. If you can't attend on the 22nd don't worry, register anyway and we'll send you a recording to watch at your leisure. 

Integrating Owner and Contractor Project Schedules