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Embracing Change and Empowering Transformation

Since its inception in 1950 in the UK, risk management has become deeply embedded in organisational practices. However, with the rapid advancement of.

14 May, 2024

Posts About Safran Project

Of course, deadlines matter. Meeting deadlines is an important part of any project and any.

8 November, 2022

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Show Me The Proof

Project management is a discipline concerned with progress. Project managers and project.

1 November, 2022

How to Optimize Complex Manufacturing Schedules

It’s no exaggeration to say that manufacturing schedules are the foundation upon which successful.

10 October, 2019

Data Standardization For Multinational Project Planning

In the energy industry, projects are defined by complex challenges and lengthy lifespans, in some.

13 June, 2019

3 Earned Value Management Metrics You Need to Pay Attention To

The world of capital project management is filled with complexity. From an overabundance of.

21 May, 2019

5 Key Challenges for Aerospace Project Management in 2020 and Beyond

Aerospace is an industry long-famed for innovation. From achievements like the SpaceX reusable.

9 April, 2019

4 Signs That Your Risk Application is Out of Date

Risk management software is pivotal to successful project management. However, despite its.

4 March, 2019

The Journeymap to Project Risk Maturity

Our new e-book, written by David Hulett, a thought leader in the world of risk management, puts.

20 February, 2019

Why You Need Specialist Software for Aerospace Project Management

Aerospace project management is no mean feat. With so many aspects to juggle and keep control of,.

12 October, 2018

Webinar - Improve Progress Updating with Safran Web Access

Keeping every member of a project team up-to-date can be arduous. Historically, the production of.

14 June, 2018

Webinar - Seamlessly Integrating Owner and Contractors’ Project Schedules

Aproblem often faced by large-scale projectsis how to integrate both owner and contractor.

27 February, 2018