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The Journeymap to Project Risk Maturity

February 20, 2019 |   | 
1 minutes read
Safran Software Solutions

Safran Software Solutions

Our new e-book, written by David Hulett, a thought leader in the world of risk management, puts forward the notion that cost and duration risk can be better prepared for by upgrading your organization's risk maturity level. 

Is Your Organization Project Risk Mature?

Project risk maturity refers to the extent to which an organization can prepare for, and side-step, common project risks like overrun and over-spend. 

Many organizations find themselves on the journey towards project risk maturity by chance. As companies begin tackling risks, they intuitively document the steps they take and develop their own risk management processes. However, a conscious, concerted effort is required if you want to take your project risk maturity to the next level.

Read your free guide to achieving true organizational risk maturity. 

Is It Worth Investing in Improving Risk Analysis?

The cost of improving your organization's ability to manage project risk is fairly low, yet the rewards you reap for doing so can save your company significant time and money. Higher levels of risk analysis can lead to more projects being delivered on-time and on-budget. This is why so many companies – your competition – are turning their attention towards improving project risk maturity. 

Change Means Risk, But Also Opportunity

The world is changing fast and organizations can't afford to stand still. They must remain agile, alert, and, above all else, prepared for inherent risks in this shifting landscape.

However, there are many opportunities to be grasped in a world of disruption and constant change too.

Organizations must boost their project risk maturity level to ensure they're in the right position to tackle risks head-on and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

What's in the E-book? 

Included within our new guide, we make use of Safran and David's extensive risk experience to get to grips with:

  • Notorious examples of project overrun
  • The biases that affect initial schedule and estimates
  • The characteristics of successful project risk analysis
  • The mechanics of quantitative risk analysis
  • The project risk maturity journeymap

Download the e-book today to discover how your organization can begin its journey to risk analysis maturity.