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Unleashing the Power of Critical Path Mapping

September 08, 2023 |   | 
1 minutes read
Bruno Berroyer

Bruno Berroyer

Synergy between Critical Path Mapping and Schedule Risk Analysis

In a complex world, easily understanding the potential effects of threats and opportunities on your projects is essential. In our upcoming live webinar Bruno Berroyer, Managing Partner at PragmaRisk, Lille, outlines the incredible synergy between the two critical dynamics of project planning and execution: Critical Path Method and Schedule Risk Analysis.

When efficiency and timeliness are the cornerstones of successful project management, Critical Path Mapping and Schedule Robustness enable project managers to allocate resources effectively, monitor progress and mitigate risks.

Combining established best practice with best-in-class probabilistic software Safran Risk, users can model a range of outcomes and rapidly compare several potential paths, all based on real-time, accurate data. And in a fraction of the time of legacy modelling methods.

Wondering what this looks like in real life?

In our upcoming webinar Bruno speaks to a range of points including:

  • Practical implementation of Critical Path Mapping using Safran Risk.
  • Leveraging the power of Safran Risk by stress-testing the impacts of uncertainties and risks.
  • Embracing Schedule Risk Analysis.
  • Collaboration and Rights Distribution.
  • Bruno’s 8 ‘Routine Steps’ for Critical Path Mapping and Risk Analysis, with practical examples in Safran Risk.

4 major benefits of Critical Path Mapping with Safran Risk

Join us on the Webinar

Safran Risk is already relied upon by senior project managers working on major projects across the world in the construction, shipping and oil and gas industries.

To find out why, join us for this practical, in-depth live webinar on 19 October 2023,
and see how Safran Risk is an indispensable tool for your next project.




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