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The Future Role of Risk Managers in a Data-Driven Era

May 14, 2024 |   | 
1 minutes read
Risk Vision

Risk Vision

Embracing Change and Empowering Transformation

Since its inception in 1950 in the UK, risk management has become deeply embedded in organisational practices. However, with the rapid advancement of technology reshaping our working environment, the traditional role of the Risk Manager is being questioned.

  • Are we facing the era of the transformation?
  • Is there a shift?
  • A divide between our delivery role and our assurance role?
we believe there is a shift and rather than resisting this change, we should embrace it and envision the future role of the Risk Manager. We are looking at... 

  1. What does this evolving role entail, and how can it better serve our stakeholders

  2. How much time do we currently spend on value-added tasks versus administrative risk management duties?

  3. What if we could transition from being unappreciated risk administrators to becoming strategic risk advisors, focusing on interpreting and assuring data? 
A great Risk Manager possesses the ability to recognise patterns amidst complexity, openly challenge assumptions, and advocate for the greater good.
However, this requires a foundation of trust with our stakeholders, built on the provision of high-quality data and evidence. 
Our aim is to navigate the evolution of risk management in the age of advancing technology, dispelling the notion that there is no future role for Risk Managers.
Instead, we advocate for a shift towards a more senior, advisory role within this data-rich environment. 
Join us on 30 May 2024, in our Safran Hosted webinar as we, Risk Vision, explore this concept through the perspectives of both the Planner and the Risk Manager in the QSRA process.

We will discuss: 
  1. The current roles of Risk Managers and Planners throughout the QSRA process. 
  2. The specific skillsets required at each step of the process and who is best suited to undertake each activity. 
  3. Evaluating whether we are leveraging our strengths effectively to add maximum business value for stakeholders. 
  4. How this approach enables Risk Managers to fulfil their roles more effectively. 
Together, let's unlock the potential of Risk Managers to interpret and advise on information, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions aligned with organisational goals, through embracing change and empowering transformation in the Risk Manager role. 

For further information on services offered, please get in touch by email: info@riskvision.co.uk
Or connect with Donna Festorazzi - MSc Risk Management, CFIRM MAPM MSP

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