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Effective Risk and Contingency Management

Risk and contingency management is one piece of the puzzle when managing a complex project. One of the first steps towards success is assessing the risks associated with a project—it’s vital to identify and track, the potential pitfalls prior to the project start date, as well as throughout the project schedule. Projects and plans evolve, thus project managers must effectively account for margin and change.

One of the greatest advantages of Safran Risk is the introduction of a complete risk register. This tool enables users to track everything through one platform, convenient to both project managers and high-level executives. The program combines all the uncertainty, risk modeling and individual factors in one place. Safran Risk is a completely integrated program, enabling users to run analyses and reports, allowing a great deal of flexibility. For instance, the program allows users to apply several different factors, while allowing for uncertainty, to gain insight into each variable.

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The following two videos outline how Safran Risk uses an integrated risk register to measure variables and gage uncertainty. Watch the videos below as I talk about how Safran Risk is an effective solution for risk and contingency management in the long run.

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