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Fosen Yard

Fosen Yard, a shipbuilder with yards in Norway and Germany that’s been in operation for almost half a century, was struggling with an outdated scheduling tool that hadn’t received updates for years.

To meet their ambitions of becoming best-in-class for project planning, they realized they’d need a new tool that would integrate seamlessly with their current software, support their project planning for years to come.

After researching the marketplace, Fosen Yard was attracted to work with Safran for several reasons:

  1. Safran, having offices in Norway, could offer hands-on support and help Fosen Yard build up competency in their planning department.
  2. Safran Project would allow them to consolidate a variety of different schedules – in different formats from different subcontractors – into one, easy to interpret group project.
  3. Safran Project is regarded as one of the very best project scheduling tools on the market, and is used across Norway wherever there is a need for complex project design and execution.

With a clear need for a new scheduling tool, Fosen Yard reached out to Safran to get started.

A Hands-on Approach

Safran worked closely with Fosen Yard to integrate Safran Project into its workflow. They also provided tailored consulting to configure reporting, work processes, and standardization.

The team at Fosen Yard saw that Safran Project offered a much broader range of functions than they'd previously enjoyed, and they worked hard to understand what was now possible. Thanks to Safran’s hands-on approach, it wasn’t long before the team got to grips with the software and felt comfortable using the wide variety of tools available.

Empowering Better Decision Making

Fosen Yard discovered that using Safran Project greatly improved the speed at which they could take care of reporting. They also felt empowered to use the reports generated more frequently in meetings and to aid with decision making.

With Fosen Yard often having to cooperate with subcontractors based at other shipyards, Safran Project has been an invaluable tool for coordinating projects across multiple stakeholders and keeping everyone up to date. 

Though they have some way to go before they use every feature of Safran Project to its full potential, Fosen Yard is very satisfied with their decision to work with Safran.

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  • A Norwegian-based shipbuilding company that's been in operation since the 1920s.

Working with Safran unlocked real benefits:

  • Providing hands-on, tailored consultancy.
  • Saving time on creating reports.
  • Ensuring multiple schedules in various formats can be collated and interpreted from one easy solution.

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