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Safran Integrator for SAP

Safran Integrator for SAP provides integration between Safran Project and SAP Project System. Gain access to Safran’s powerful reporting and analytics tools, benefit from improved schedule visibility and enjoy additional unified project management capabilities for capex and opex.

Improve Effectiveness with Unified Systems

For most customers, SAP maintains the master data for any project – while planners and project managers can unlock the powerful analytical capabilities in Safran to optimize the schedule quickly and effectively.

Project stakeholders can analyze previously disparate data sources for more accurate operational planning, whatever the use case – complex manufacturing, capital projects, shutdown and turnaround, or outage planning – all on a single integrated platform.

With Safran Integrator you can align Safran Project with SAP project management software, so data flows seamlessly between projects and headquarters, in one unified system.

And with heightened performance specs, you’ll be able to manage and report on projects of any size, juggling large volumes of data quickly and efficiently.

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Integrated Project Planning and SAP Project Risk Management

As a leading provider of project planning, scheduling and risk analysis solutions, Safran makes it a priority to design software solutions that integrate seamlessly with the planning process. Our relationship with SAP gives our customers in project- and asset-intensive industries more power and control over project outcomes.

Integrate with SAP

The Integrator fully integrates Safran Project with SAP Project System and other modules as required. As such, it is approved and tested to operate in both SAP and Safran applications. Project budgets, WBS structures, work packages, resources and other related data are automatically shared between our applications without delay.

Users can also import Primavera and Microsoft project files from contractors and suppliers for inclusion in the Safran schedule. There, they can gain full visibility into resource requirements for all work, while also evaluating the potential risks in Safran’s central and intuitive scheduling engine.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting


SAP Data in Plain Sight

A multitude of grouping, modeling, tagging and filtering techniques soon become second nature when using Safran Project, allowing you to analyze and report on SAP data much more flexibly. Standard libraries of symbols can be created to support a common view, while colors, labels, titles, logos and many other settings can be saved in report definitions and re-run at any time, by any project participant.


Learn From a Project’s Past

With Safran’s Earned Value Management feature, you can also model the past life of the project for the first time, enabling you to produce far more effective and detailed EVM reports from SAP data. By harvesting status information from SAP and using it to build up a history of how the project performed, and what is left to do at all times, you can start to compare actuals with budgeted values as EVM metrics.

Shine a Light on Project Scheduling

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Detailed Analytics

When Safran and SAP project management software are linked, what-if scenario analysis and schedule risk analysis become part of your toolbelt. Multiple alternative schedule calculations can be executed and overlaid graphically against the original and each other, helping you to see both the best way forward and any obstacles that need to be mitigated.

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Resource Leveling

What’s more, your project schedule can be optimized against limited resource types. By running resource leveling and optimization in Safran Project, the resulting dates can be brought back to SAP as externally calculated schedule dates, improving the accuracy and confidence levels in the schedule.

Reinforce Decision Making

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Bring in Budgets

Highly configurable graphical outputs in Safran Project give full visibility into the consequences of schedule changes, in the context of manhours, manpower and money usage. Bring in budgets from SAP and distribute within each activity or even within each resource assignment duration. Model change requests directly as part of the budgeting exercise, enabling examination of overall scope history and the impact on resource requirements.

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Gain a Clear View

With tools such as s-curves and histograms at your disposal, there are limitless ways to evaluate the feasibility of work and how best to perform it – allowing you to choose the optimal way for any given scenario. Get an instant impression of Planned vs Earned vs Actual over the project lifecycle and a clearer view of overall resource capacity against demand.

Why Safran Integrator?



Effortlessly scale with any project's needs. Data transfer is optimized so information moves quickly in either direction between SAP and Safran, for even the largest projects.



Our mantra is “push the button – get results” for easy operation and intuitive error handling.



Our professional consultants are always available to help install and configure and to provide training to all types of users.



Integrator utilizes the latest technology to help ensure upward compatibility for future releases of both SAP and Safran. Safran is itself HANA compliant.

Get More out of Both Safran and SAP

With Safran Integrator you can benefit from both Safran and SAP solutions, so project challenges can be identified and resolved faster—which, in turn, directly affects project performance and corporate margins.