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Share Live Schedule Information

Safran Project Viewer improves project communication by allowing users to view and interact with project information.

The Safran Project Viewer is software developed for sharing schedule information as opposed to fixed project schedules often displayed as PDF reports.

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Change the Way You Provide Schedule Information

Gantt charts are one of the most popular and useful project management tools for showing and sharing project schedule information. However, many receive this information as static PDF reports.

Safran Project Viewer gives users live project access. The users get a powerful tool to view, navigate, drill down, sort, filter, and select from a library of Gantt charts and histograms.

Every team member gets an engaging live view of the schedule presented in the same way to planners or management.

It will benefit all project team members who today receive schedule information in PDF format. It also provides the project management team with powerful yet quick and easy access to real-time schedule data.

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project logo iconSafran Project Viewer Features

Live, Accurate Schedule

Safran Project Viewer displays Barchart data in real-time with live updates and improved accuracy compared to offline methods.

Read-only Access

Share read-only project information with participants and stakeholders.

Detailed Activity Insights

Access multiple views (Activity, Resources, Links, Logic Navigator, and Histogram/S-Curves), plus the Change Register, and externally linked documents for full visibility.

Projects and Portfolios

Safran Project Viewer allows you to view how projects interact with each other as part of a program or portfolio. 

Sleek, Navigable Design

Safran Project Viewer boasts an easy-to-use interface, with drop-down lists and a focused set of features to ensure productivity and efficiency.

Third-party File Support

In addition to natively connecting to Safran Project, you can open Microsoft Project (XML) and Oracle P6 files (XER).

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Forget all about the flow of sharing barcharts in the fixed PDF format. Enable users to view schedule and project data online, faster and more dynamically.

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