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About Us

Our world-class software enables businesses to precisely plan and execute projects. Our experience, expertise and support ensures their success.

Addressing Industry Needs

Since 1997 we have worked closely with our customers to understand the complex requirements of planning and project controls software. This close relationship and process of continuous improvement means our range of software addresses real industry needs.

Whether you run time-critical, asset-intensive, resource-critical capital projects or high-risk research and development projects, we have software to help you deliver on time and on budget.

Project Control Professionals

We pride ourselves in offering outstanding support to all our customers. Our experienced team of project management and planning professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve your project goals. From direct telephone contact, should you encounter a problem, to experienced consultants ready to assist or train your staff, Safran ensures you are never on your own.

Industry Expertise

Safran software is used to control some of the world’s most complex projects across industries including oil and gas, engineering and construction, aerospace and defence, utilities, and the public sector.

We understand the strict requirements for stability, performance and scalability in modern projects and design our software accordingly.

Interested in Working for Safran?

Are you ready to make a difference? At Safran Software Solutions we provide a work environment that delivers innovation to the planning and project controls software community. That commitment allows us to offer you a great career in a company that takes pride in giving its employees the tools to succeed.


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