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Building future with Safran

HENT is a rapidly expanding construction company, responsible for some of the biggest projects in Norway.

  • Ålesund Hospital Radium Hospital, Oslo
  • Majorstua School, Oslo
  • Quality Hotel Expo, Oslo
  • Fornebuporten, Oslo
  • Lerkendal Hotel, Trondheim
  • Statoil, Stjørdal
  • Aker Solutions, Stavanger
  • TINE, Tunga
  • Vestfold University College

“It was obvious we could get a lot more valuable information by using Safran Project”

Prior to acquiring Safran Project, HENT relied on a combination of Microsoft Project and Excel spreadsheets to plan and control their projects. But as the quantity and complexity of the projects increased, this was a solution that no longer met the needs of an expanding company.

“HENT, along with the rest of the industry, were comfortable using traditional scheduling software, and didn’t know at the time of the possibilities out there, says Erik Tveit, a Project Engineer at HENT.

They began to experiment with importing Microsoft Project data into Safran Project, to see what could be done with the data. It didn’t take long for the project leadership at HENT to understand the value a professional planning solution could bring to their growing business.

“In Safran Project we saw a lot of useful functionality that we couldn’t replicate in Microsoft Project without substantial manual work. It was obvious we could get a lot more valuable information by using Safran Project”, says Tveit.

“Our subcontractors often act immediately on the information”

The Hersleb Secondary School in Oslo is an architectural gem from 1922. The listed building has a gross area of 12,000 sq. metres and has a long history in education.

HENT is leading the extensive renovation effort to return the school building to its former glory, providing Oslo with an educational facility fit for the 21st Century.

Safran Project plays a key role in the management of sub-contractors on the project, as Tveit explains:

“Often it can be hard for each subcontractor to know how many people they need in the coming months. In all our meetings with our subcontractors we use S-Curves and Histograms from Safran Project to graphically represent project requirements. Our subcontractors often act immediately on the information, adjusting their workforce to meet project needs. They like the visual approach.”

“Another benefit is the earned value analysis, as we collect physical progress and actual time spent on the project separately. Every week I sit down with the project manager to look through the productivity figures and it helps us focus our minds on the part of the project that need most attention.”

“Safran Project also helps me with financial management: When I receive an invoice, I find the Actual % Complete of the relevant subcontractor in Safran Project, to check they haven’t over charged.”


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